Board Announcement – Looking Forward To Apogaea 2022

Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

The Board of Apogaea has regretfully decided to cancel the full event of Apogaea for the 2021 year. We will continue exploring other alternatives to allow our community to have a participatory event of some sort later in the year.

As we discussed the possibility of having the event, many points both for and against having an event were discussed. We need to run any event in a manner that addresses the unforeseen issues and uncertainties to our community members. We want to be inclusive of all people who desire to attend, and to do so this year was going to be difficult. Some members of our Ignition team felt the concerns over COVID19 and the needs to address those concerns were presenting some individual and collective problems that would add barriers to a safe and fun event. With the availability of vaccines, and a continuing willingness to mask and distance when needed, we will eventually be in a position of safety to everyone, from those healthy as well as those more health challenged, but that will take some time to accomplish. While we know some folks would be vaccinated and could put rules in place to make it as safe as possible, we know not everyone will be able or willing to get vaccinated in time, and we’d rather rise anew together next year than put a diminished event together this year. The fewer rules we need to worry about the better.

The uncertainties of holding the event, not knowing how permitting and country policies are going to shake out, add to the difficulties of holding the event. And the time needed for art grants and art production has been cut in half, meaning potentially fewer and smaller art installations. We’re primarily an arts event and putting the time into the grant process and asking artists to put hours of time into projects that might not happen, seems like asking too much. Other aspects brought up on the meeting were of the disproportionate impact some communities have had than others. Feels wrong to party while so many are struggling

As we explored the possibility of the event, the talks ranged from the need to have safety standards, to the problems vaccine distribution faced, to concerns over how we would prepare for an event in the time we have, that we would all be proud and happy to attend. Camps and major art installations would have harder times holding fundraisers and build parties with the current restrictions that are in place, which would lead to a smaller event, and would leave some aspects of our community sidelined. After a discussion of these and other concerns, the Apogaea board voted unanimously to postpone the full event until 2022. We need to recognize that having an event in our available time frame would place a restriction on some members of our community, and prevent us from being fully inclusive of all our members.

The Apogaea board will continue to explore ways we can have some fun smaller and safe events, like Art safari events, potential one day local events, and other ideas, and will continue to work towards an inclusive and safe ability to engage with our community, while keeping our principles and beliefs in mind. We all want to feel that special magic. We are very open to ideas and inclusion of as many people as we can in living and celebrating and growing the art, music, and performative aspects of Apogaea, and this gives us a chance to live our Apo in the real world, and spread our art and views to a wider audience. If anyone has ideas or willingness to volunteer or assist us in creating Apo outside the main event, now is your chance. Let’s see what we can come up with to bring that wonder into our greater world.