Board Announcement – January 2021

Greetings fellow Apogaeans!

The Board met on January 10th, and has decided to tentatively try to have a reduced size Apogaea later this year, in late September. This is subject to cancellation if it won’t be feasible due to pandemic safety concerns or other issues. The board will be reaching out to the county permit office to notify them of this possibility, and to get their feedback on this. Note, we are going to move forward with hope that everything will work out, but outside factors may enter into our final decision forcing a delay or cancellation. Our hopes are that the pandemic will wane as we move forward, and that other activities will assist us in making this possible. Please bear with us, many of you as well as the board want to have a fun event, but we need to keep in mind community wide safety concerns. Look for more announcements on the website as well as all the other sources for current information as we work hard to insure a safe and exciting event.