BAMF Presents: How not to die….

AT APOGAEA 2018!!!!! BAMF has some extra tips on how to stay safe at Apo this year:

  • Be spark aware this year! No outdoor smoking! There will be several BAMF approved designated smoking tents (they have to be flame retardant to be approved). Cigarette ashes and butts must be contained. No spark creating devices (generators must have spark arrestors, dragons must be sternly talked to). Please be safe, sane, and responsible: we all have a role in preventing wildfires.
  • Do you have a generator? Will you be running a propane stove? Are you just too hot to handle? If the answer is yes to any of the above, bring a fire extinguisher and then bring one more for good luck. Seriously, BAMF wants you to bring two so you have a back up and are radically self-reliant.
  • If you have a generator in your camp, or are running stoves with propane, be aware of your fuel storage location! Keep fuel in an obvious location and far away from sleeping areas. Also clear out one of your extra containers to put your fuel in to meet the requirements for secondary containment.
  • Prepare for hot days and cold nights! Daytime highs are 85-90 degrees with full sun, and nighttime lows are 50-55 degrees. Consider it an excuse to bring even more costume changes and practice your affirmative consent gathering as you make new snuggle friends.
  • BAMF reminds you that bacon grease is not lube, and beer is not water– you need to bring at least a gallon of water per person per day.
  • Bring your own first aid kit. BAMF is your third aid! Practice radical self-reliance and anticipate common camp injuries: we are not here for boo-boos. We do have Band-Aids, but if you would like Band-Aids in any flavor other than vague shame, bring them yourself (you know, in your first aid kit). Additionally, if you know you need prescription or OTC medications daily or occasionally, bring them!
  • BAMF reminds you to know your limits! We love you and want you to experience the event beyond the confines of our tent or the sanctuary trailer.
  • Come out and work with BAMF! We still have shifts for people with all levels of experience. If you want to be part of BAMF sign up now on the Volunteer DB or stop by the BAMF tent. We will find a place where you can help out! If you are a EMT, EMT-P, LPN, RN, LE, social workers, psych folks and potentially any of our other alphabet soup acronym amigos and want to be extra helpful please bring a your certifications for our records.


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