Introducing the 2017 Effigy and Temple!

CATS is currently busy reviewing and scoring 25 Seed Round grant applications, we’ll announce those projects mid April.   But in the meantime we’re excited to announce this year’s Effigy and Temple!  



Heart of Gold (Effigy)

by Mark Switzer and Jules Pellerin, in loving memory of Skyler and Isabel

Heart of Gold is a beautifully profound sculpture with several advanced flame effects (and surprises) for the 2017 Apogaea Effigy. Heart of Gold will be a collaborative piece of art, allowing community members to get involved in creating and operating the piece, offering opportunities for both new and experienced artists to learn more about the fire arts and fabrication skills. The core sculpture of Heart of Gold is also a gift to the Apogaea community and will be left in the care of Apogaea to use for future events as desired.

Click here for more information on the Apogaea effigy.




Hotaru no Hikari: The Firefly Temple

by Andrea Pliner and Tom Varani

The Firefly Temple embraces the Japanese Temple aesthetic, participants will have the opportunity to decorate one of the hundreds of flickering lanterns that will glow throughout the event. 

Click here for more information on the Apogaea temple