Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

The 2016 WWWW (Who What Where When) has arrived!

Photo by Dirty Santa

Photo by Dirty Santa

Hello Apogaeans! Are you getting moist? We are! Here is your 2016 WWWW(Who What Where When)!

Check it out, download it, and print yourself a copy. BONUS! Check out our list of things to pack for specific events!  

Click here to download the PDF (hint, it prints nicely on 8 ½ x 11 size paper).

Hard copies will not be given out at the event, so you’d best radically self rely and print it yourself.

There will be one large copy permanently posted at Center Camp.

Here is our partial list of special things to consider packing if you’d like to participate in some of the numerous wonderful events happening at Apogaea this year:

  • Bring a cup and plate for any camp or event serving food or drinks (duh)
  • Any instruments you have, for Burnin’ to the Beat, SoundPuddle, Camp Amalgamation, and the Temple of Resonance Opening Ceremony
  • Music you may want to hear played at Burnin’ to the Beat
  • Treasures for the take-it/leave-it treasure chest at The Octopussy
  • Painting supplies and flow props for Camp Lackadaisical and Camp Radically Adequate Sound and Theme Camp
  • Costume and clothing donations for Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion
  • Stuffed animal donations for the Frankenbaby Mutation Station
  • Chopsticks for Grubstation: The Intergalactic Chuckwagon
  • Sandwiches for the Mad Hatter’s Poker Party
  • Clothing to be ‘spiked’ with dino spikes (recommended items include hats, hoods, hoodies, jackets, dresses, tails, and socks) at Dinos for Life “Spiking” Station
  • Martini makin’s, maid costumes, feather dusters, knee pads and dustbusters for the Maid Brigade
  • Scotch for the Fourth Annual Scotch Happy Hour
  • Western apparel for the YAHTZEE! Tournament & Cactus Roping
  • Yoga mat for Kinky Yoga and Yoni/Lingam Sunning Workshop
  • Pickled food (homemade or store bought) for the Pickle OFF!
  • Red-carpet-worthy clothes for HOT DAMN
  • UV reactive clothing for Up Uranus Black Light Party
  • Red shoes and purple outfits for Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion’s Purple Party
  • Wonderland themed outfit for the Mad Hatter’s Twizted Tea Party
  • A side dish for the Apogaea Meat & Greet BBQ
  • Juggling balls (if you have them, else they’ll be provided) for Ball School

End transmission.

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  1. Jacqueline

    1 Extra Apo ticket, Leaving from Denver on Friday

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