Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Apogaea 2016 Placement Map is Here!!!

PLacement MapHere is your 2016 Placement Map.  Please note that it is still being updated. You may want to check it out after the weekend/before leaving for the event, for any additions or changes. (click here or the image above to go to the full interactive Google map)

Printable-map-thumb Printable Placemap (PDF)

Be sure to print:

  1. The Printable Map
  2. Key

Alternate versions:

  1. Map_with geographic imagery(use key from above)
  2. Large version (with geographic imagery and camp names, useful on a tablet or mobile phone)

Some important information regarding the lay of the land:

      • Potential Fire Art: Most ‘potential’ fire art will be placed in one burn area to give us the best chance of approval by the county fire chief during the upcoming inspection.
      • Sound: The southwest area of the event has been zoned for the largest and loudest sound systems that run late. The northeast area of the event is zoned for the smallest, most quiet daytime sound systems.
  • Top of the hill placement: Attention adventurous theme camps or art projects! If you would like to be moved to the top of a hill at the most southeast point, that is currently open camping. This will help free up space in other areas. You would likely see and hear camps from below, but no sound or fire would be allowed in this area. It is vehicle accessible, has some open areas for theme/art and forest areas for camping. However, it’s farther away from other camps, requires walking up a hill, and is in a low traffic area.
  • Tents: There are several large clearings and shaded areas around the periphery behind theme camps available for tent campers. These are spaces where a full-size vehicle has difficulty accessing but is usable if gear can be walked in.
  • Vehicles: Space is tight and accessibility is limited. Please carpool! you will save gas, make friends and save space for parking. Vehicles must be parked at off-site parking lots after unloading gear. Vehicles that have a legitimate use (theme camp infrastructure, used for sleeping/camping instead of a tent, Apogaea org utility) need to be registered and pick up their vehicle pass upon arrival. For vehicles associated with a camp; as long as the vehicle is not parked on a roadway or next to a roadway with prime frontage space allocated for art/theme use, then it’s up to the camp to place vehicles and manage their space accordingly. For vehicles not associated with a placed camp, the vehicle pass only designates its use within the event site but does not guarantee an exact place to camp. Open camping areas are first come first serve.
  • On-site Help: Placement team members are available on shift every day from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. at major intersections to help arriving participants find a place to camp. For pressing issues, find someone with a radio to put a call into the placement lead on duty.


Updates are being made up to the last minute. Email placement (placement@apogaea.com) with questions or find a placement lead during work weekend / early entry for help.

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