September 2014 Board Meeting Summary


A review of “how we role” – why these reminders are there and what their value is to us.

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President’s report

Code of conduct –Schmid-E modified the old one and sent it to John.  It’s in John’s hands now for additions/mods.  Next – we will send it out to Ignition for input/by-in.  Eventually we would like to extend this as a document that is signed by all of Ignition.  That may or may not happen this year.  We need full by-in by Ignition first.

Ignition role-off date.  Official existing roll-off date is Oct 31st (this will be revisited by the Board soon).  All non-ratified Ignition members will become Sparks on that date, but we will not shut off email accounts at that time.  Exact cut-off date is still to be determined.

Ratifications – Everyone who is staying must be re-ratified.  Although they would no longer be Ignition, they could stay on as a Spark if they need to keep an email address so they can communicate and train a replacement.  Ratifications should happen at Board meetings.  We can make someone a Spark temporarily if we need to get them started with email before the next Board meeting.

Organizational structure – explanation.  Ignition is part of the company but Sparks are not.  There are legal ramifications to this.  Sparks do not vote.

Movement to rename the Red Shirt role to Sparks.  Passed

Liaison and Department groupings –

A liaison is a Board member who works between Board and Ground Control Lead.  He or she brings info back and forth.  The liaison also helps as needed.  If a Lead quits, their duties fall to the Liaison.  This ca create a lot of discontinuity.  Reviewed all the new liaison roles.

Kellie is resigning – moving away for a new job.  Telemetry needs to put a notice out for a new Board member.  One mod – acculturation needs to be under pres or vice pres (due to a past agreement).  Moss or Brian will take acculturation instead of Kellie’s replacement.  The open Board position will stay posted for 2 weeks.  Yancey also pointed out that we don’t *have* to keep liaison roles the same.  Let’s get a candidate in place and then decide if liaison roles need to change up.

Moss proposed a Ground Control retreat.  Day-long event.  Opportunity for cross-communication.  Should invite XXXOs too.  Just XXXO if lead can’t come.  Agreed.  It will be Nov 8 from 10am-6pm.

Vice Pres report –

Announced population cap for 2015 – 2300, and the dates – June 3-7.  Work weekend May 30,31.  Art grant budget $55,000

Theme contest – tie – we will do a vote-off

Secretary report –

Approved retreat minutes and Aug meeting minutes.

Review of online motions passed to date.  Reimbursed BAMF for supplies, elected Evol (Scott Rickert) as Treasurer, ratified returning members of CATS, ratified new members of CATS.  The CATS ratifications happened online because of time crunch for CATS.  Normally, we will only ratify people at board meetings.  Motion to accept the new Art Committee structure as presented – passed.

Moss read Kellie’s resignation message.

Ratifications –

Motion – group ratifications of a bunch of people.  Passed all except for ice lead.  We will review that role soon – considering manned position or maybe a machine that takes money.

Agenda Discussion –

Discussed cash at event.  Money is exchanged at both gate (in and out) and ice.  We will table Lee’s ratification for ice until more discussion.

Discussion of correct way to create agendas and Robert’s Rules of Order.  Everything proposed should go on agenda.  Evol suggests that in the future we vote to adopt agenda at beginning of meetings.  Once things settle down we will have agenda posted online ahead of time.

Extensive discussion of a resource pool for granted artists (fuel, transport, heavy equipment) and fuel depot logistics.  Yancey intends to bring on a fuel depot lead.  We need to wait to decide on whether we can hold fuel for artists at the depot.  There are many unknowns and complications around this.  Motion to include any fuel costs for artists in the original $55 art grant budget – passed.  Whether that fuel can be stored at the depot will be discussed later.  In the future we also need to discuss a fair way of having DPW and artists share the use of heavy equipment.

Extensive discussion around effigy and temple ownership – owned by artist or apogaea?   Will leave policy as is – talk to artist on individual basis about ownership.  There are a number of tax and liability issues around this.  Note – there will not be a temple burn this year due to landowner’s request.  If temple involves fire, it will be something in small pieces that can be moved to effigy location.  There will be only one burn area.


  • Review of status of departments.
  • Need to address painting the trailers – covering over graffiti.
  • Placement is overhauling the structure of the department.
  • Gate is looking at restructuring also.

Radios – would like to be its own department and under Ground Control.  Need members to be ratified before moving forward.

Greeters – want to add more greeters and clarify what greeting should entail.  Need to improve traffic flow.

Fluffer – Caroline is staying on in that role.  She wants to expand the department.

Communications – everyone is leaving except for Jake.  Currently no applicants for Lead or Community Reporter.

IT – looking to expand the department.

See website for current openings for Leads.

A Volunteer Town Hall is something we may want to do to allow folks to meet with Leads and learn about open roles.

Communications will be sending out a form to Leads and Liaisons to help define open roles.

Next Board meeting is Oct 19 in Boulder.  Location TBD.