Want an Effigy at Apo?

EFFIGYWe are happy to announce that we will be accepting additional Effigy applications when the Big Money Round opens on January 1, 2015 as no Effigy grant was awarded in the prior grant round(Big Money Round for 2015 is now closed).  Effigy grants can be for any amount up to and including $3,000.00.

This year Apogaea’s theme, Synchronicity, will be reflected in the Effigy and Temple burn as they will burn at the same time.  Trust me, we love big fires.  We also recognize the differing values that both the Temple and the Effigy bring to the community.   Our land, however, presents some unique challenges to installations that incorporate wood burning and/or flames and debris that can easily carry in the wind.  We would love to see ideas that incorporate propane, or LED lighting, or other effects that are more than a big pile of wood that we might not get to set on fire.

This is an awesome opportunity to work with the Temple builder, Paulo, to create two separate installations that will merge for the burn. The maximum combined diameter is 20’ and the maximum combined height is 20’.

If you value the experience an Effigy brings to the event, get your plan and budget together and submit your idea when the Big Money Round opens on January 1, 2015.  Watch for the announcement.

For complete information on creative grants, including applications, requirements, and deadlines, please visit the Creative Grants page on the Apogaea website.