Apogaea – Colorado Burning Man Regional Event

Cross-Pollination Creative Grant Winners 2014


The Cross-pollination grant round has come to an end!

The GOOD NEWS is we received many proposals for mind-blowing art!!  The BAD NEWS is we had requests for almost 2 times the amount of money we had to give out and had to make some people really, really sad. The purpose of this round of grants was to support the transportation of art from far and wide to Apogaea. We are excited to report that two of these winners are from Portland and one is from Phoenix.

2014 has seen an unprecedented number of creative grants.  We want to say thank you for spending the time to submit a grant – we’re sorry we can’t approve them all!  We hope to have even more money to give as grants next year, so keep those ideas coming!

Can’t get enough information about grants?  A detailed grant summary will be released after Apogaea in June.  Watch the Apogaea website for the announcement!

Cross-pollination Round Summary

Total Funds Available $3,910.59
Total Funds Requested $7,067.03
Applications Scored 12
Average Grant Request $415.71
Grants Awarded 10
Average Award $391.06
Total Funds Awarded $3,910.59


Stand-alone Installation 11 61.11%
Theme/Sound Camp 3 16.67%
Center Camp Installation 0 0.00%
Center Camp Workshop 1 5.56%
Performance Art 3 16.67%
Art Car / Mutant Vehicle 0 0.00%
Workshop 0 0.00%


Results (see below for descriptions):

Project Name Project Lead Grant
1 Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion Transportation Erica $599.99
2 The Story Portal Robert $599.00
3 The Living Room Squishy $550.00
4 Light Hive James $500.00
5 Alfonzo the Pig!!!! Sir Pluto $450.00
6 Paulogaea Emerge – a – thon!! Paulo $400.00
7 Zen Generator Richard $350.00
8 Ignes Fatui Josh $300.00
9 The Hippie Hunger Games Stevolution $119.60
10 Play Camp 360 Teeter Totter Cassie $42.00

1. Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion is a free experimental fashion station that gifts fun and funky attire to any and all Apogaea attendees, as well as a DJed/Emceed runway, burlesque workshop and a burlesque show. We will be open for several hours each day. (It’s a daytime event only)

2. The Story Portal is an interactive storytelling stage. Participants spin a giant price-is-right style wheel to get a story topic. The teller steps to the mic to tell a story based on the topic the wheel lands on.

3. The Living Room – Bringing the inside out, one room at a time.

4. Light Hive is a 12 ft x 3ft Interactive, Sound reactive, hexagonal pixel panel wall.

5. Alfonzo the Pig has wanted to come to Apogaea since he was a wee little piglet. He lives in Hampton, Nebraska and is coming to visit us here at Apogaea! We even have a special house already made for Alfonzo when he gets here, he gets cold and we have to make sure he stays warm!

6. Paulogaea Emerge-a-thon! is an inclusive environment created from a number of former projects I have built in the past, slightly reworked to fit together.  The space will focus around the 2012 installation “Mirrazeebo” and will be surrounded by the 2010 “Bubbles!” and my Yucca installation.

7. Zen Generator: Electrical coils pulse in a spiral, nudging a fractal-inspired magnetic wheel into chaotic motion. As momentum builds, the main wheel turns in a predictable manner: the cumulative effect of hundreds of random magnetic repulsions… just as our physical world is the result of countless unfathomable interactions at the quantum level.

8. Ignes Fatui (Foolish Fire in Medieval Latin) is made up of 40+ self-powered, self contained LED lights that communicate wirelessly and in unison. These lights will be contained within frosted jars. The lights will be mounted to the ground and placed aprox. 15′ apart on either side of the road for 300’+. Various light programs will run throughout the night, including chase sequences, runway lights color wheels, etc.

9. The Hippie Hunger Games:  An Apogaea interactive game pitting players against Gladiators and each other in an attempt to rescue poor defenseless woodland creatures and earn prizes and glory. Think American Gladiators meets Katniss!

10. Improving safety of the 2013  creative grant project 360 teeter totter at play camp. The Teeter Totter allows the users to admire the art on the surface & interact with the work by playing on it. The Teeter Totter can be used by individuals or a few people to try to balance on the surface.