2014 Volunteer Database Update

flamingart -sunglassesGreetings, my lovelies!

I have insider information on when the Volunteer Database will open. My daring spy told me they heard someone at the public March Board Meeting mention the database would be ready for volunteers last Saturday, right as the second round of tickets were going on sale. For the good of the community, it was a moral imperative for me to check if this rumor was true.

As I walked, stealthy, over to the Apogaea Development Department’s (ADD) meeting space, I couldn’t help but think of all the messages from my lovelies asking when the database will be open. Each message I receive makes me smile as I’m SO excited to see many of my friends ready to volunteer! But alas, I was busted. With Spring officially here, so are my allergies. The sneeze-cough-Spam-fart that came from my body alerted members of the Apogaea Development Division (A.D.D.), thus thwarting my mission.

A.D.D. was very happy to see me, though. Ironically, the smoke signal they sent me as an invite to their meeting was misspelled and we found out it went to Aiming Fart instead. We sat and discussed things a bit, like how the database will be very similar to the old one and while there won’t be many new features at first, they’re redesigning the database so it’s easier to add features in the future. They also said, more importantly, that they’ve made it easy for other community members to get involved and work collaboratively on building a better database next year. I called shenanigans, but A.D.D. insisted. Things got foggy from there. I could not understand their explanations of wizardry, something about software repossessing the open souls of janky frames and squealing databases?

That’s cool and all, but I swiftly demanded to know when the database would be ready. I told them of the rumor my best friends’ sister’s boyfriend who heard it from someone else who went to the March board meeting that the database would be open last Saturday.

One of the A.D.D. members clued me in: they’ve been feverishly working on the database and while they’re close, the unicorn tears they had to pair with the database flux capacitor didn’t take and now, they’re trying to get the very few remaining tears to work. They feel by the end of this week/beginning of next week, the database will be up and ready to schedule volunteer shifts.

Keep your eyes open for more information from me including a burner-on-burner interview with a bunch of peeps including members from the A.D.D.

For those just SUPER stoked about volunteering, keep an eye out for updates to our volunteer page. I’ll let my lovelies know when the database is open, too.

Until then, Flame OUT!!