Board Member Position Openings

Hear hear, Apogaeans!

Are you interested in becoming integrally involved in Apogaea? Do you love the event and want to implement your ideas for improvement? Do you have strong leadership abilities and a passion for the local burner community?

This is a call for applications to fill two open board positions:

  1. A one-year board member position. April ‘Glitterati’ Menegazzo, Board Member, needed to step down for personal reasons and we are now looking to fill that spot.
  2. A two-year board member position.  Matt “DuneyDan” Clinton has stepped down as well and we are looking to fill his spot as well.

A heartfelt thanks to April and Matt for their service to the Apogaea community!

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 11:59pm on Friday, September 27th!

If you are interested in stepping in to take the reins through Apogaea 2014, please apply to [email protected]. Voting will be held at the September 29th Board Meeting.

APPLICATION DETAILS: Please include your NAME, EMAIL, PHONE, CITY and answer the following questions:

List any accomplishments you have that exhibit strong leadership skills:
Can you commit to working through the completion of Apogaea?
Can you commit to attending at least one monthly meeting?
Have you previously attended an Apogaea board meeting?
Can you commit to answering board related email in a timely fashion?
Can you commit to working at least two mandated volunteer shifts at the event?
Can you commit to reading and providing input to online discussions?
Can you commit to keeping discussions and decisions of the board confidential?

Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Thank you for your participation! Apogaea doesn’t happen without dedicated volunteer support!


  • Passion and ideas about creating a community and event centered on the Burning Man principles.
  • Business or event experience preferred.
  • Varying backgrounds. It would be ideal to get individuals who come from different backgrounds. Boards are most successful when they have people who bring different things to the table, e.g. attorneys, accountants, event organizers, insurance people, artists, computer jocks, musicians.
  • Ability to play well with others.


  • Continuing the term through Apogaea 2014. Must be able to commit to fulfill a full term in his/her position.
  • One meeting a month. More meetings as event approaches.
  • Respond to board emails in a timely manner. Email load can take 4-6 hours weekly
  • At least two gate shifts during the event.
  • Oversee numerous shift lead volunteers and support their successful contributions to the organization
  • Further time as needed to fulfill duties and ensure a smooth and fulfilling event.
  • Board Members are distinct from officer positions. While it is preferable that the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are Board Members, it is not required and elections for these positions will be held at a future time.