August 2013 Board Meeting Summary

August Board Meeting
Magic Mansion, Boulder
August 11, 2013

Flaming Art here to bring you the details of the most recent board meeting!

Ends are often beginnings. With the end of summer approaching and a previous BOD departing, it was the first meeting with a new BOD just voted in by Ignition, and the big agenda of the day was to vote in the Officers for the upcoming year.

Six (6) out of nine board members attended, while nine (9) others from Ignition and the community joined. Well folks, here we go, onto new adventures in planning for a super awesome Apogaea 2014!


Decompression 2013

Bobalicious asked whether the board would like to be involved in Denver Decompression 2013. In the past, Apogaea lent its non-profit liquor permit. The BOD agreed that they would need to check into a few things, including insurance and getting a hold harmless, to consider moving forward.

Overall, the board was very open to the idea, and the Decomp committee will be in touch with the board in the next few weeks as planning develops to further discuss Apogaea’s involvement.


Outgoing President, Kingpin proposed a hypothetical timeline different from past years for the new board to utilize in planning. The board was amenable to the proposal and will continue to discuss whether they will adopt this new guideline of deadlines for getting ‘er done for 2014!

Here’s the timeline Kingpin proposed:

  • Sept. board meeting (Sunday, Sept. 29th ) announce: Population, Price, Days, Budget, Art budget, Location
  • Theme contest
  • Tickets go on sale February 1st and second sale, Wed. February 12th
  • Sound/Them camp registration opens March 1st, closes March 31st
  • Placement Map finished May 15th

Kingpin also suggested that tickets be transferable through a more controlled process since ticket transfers were a bit of a nightmare this past year.

Treasurer, Steve, presented the bank balance, and reminded the board where and how to look at all the bank statements along with a few other financial processes.

Outgoing Secretary, MissAlicious: the board ratified the July board meeting minutes.


  • Matt Stringer resigned as Board member on 8/5/13
  • James Whiddon resigned as Ignition Lead for: Artistic Collaboration, IT Innovation, Survival Guide, WhoWhatWhenWhere on 8/1/13


Sean “Sherpa” motioned to donate to the Bailey, CO, based I Love You Guys Foundation. $1000.00 cash and $400 from 2013 ice sales would be donated in kind for food. The motion was approved by all present. Eric M. will take charge in managing Apo’s involvement, including volunteering.

Bobalicious, asked whether we should we do 10% of our profits to an outside organization as Burning Man recommends. Steve, Treasurer, recommended that we don’t have the resources to give more this year. Bobalicious will send the Board a link of the Burning Man expectations.


Ignition voted on August 10th for the three (3) new board members! We welcome Sean “Sherpa” Sidelko,  Brian Edwards, Kellie Nedrow!

Also, THANKS to all the interested candidates who put forth the effort to run in the election!


As you may know or already have seen from other announcements, the officers are elected by the board and serve a 1-year term. It’s not necessary to be a board member to be elected as an officer, and it was cheering to see a few non-board members run for positions.

As the elections began, Duney Dan withdrew his nomination for Vice President.


  • Caroline Kert, non-board member, ran for Secretary unopposed and was voted in by the board.


  • Steve Merager ran unopposed for Treasurer and was voted in by the board.

Community member Chris Williams, and board member Scott “Koda” Dudley ran for president. During the congenial “debate” that followed, both candidates proffered their vision and some solutions for questions from the audience.

  • Scott “Koda” Dudley was elected President by the board.

Board members Sean “Sherpa” Sidelko and Eric Moutz ran for Vice President. Eric was not present to debate, but Sherpa did speak to how he would assist the President by being a checks-and-balance and a second set of eyes/ears.

  • Sean “Sherpa” Sidelko was elected Vice President by the board.


• Community Partnerships and Professional Expenses
• Maximum Ignition positions for one person to hold


Join the BOD for the next board meeting, at which there will be several important announcements about next year’s event!

Sunday, September 29, 2013
Fusion Factory in Denver