July 2013 Board Meeting Summary

July 21, 2013
Fusion Factory, Denver

Board Meeting July 2013

After a marvelous Apogaea 2013: Alchemy and some much needed R & R, all nine (9) board members, thirteen (13) Ignition members and two (2) members of the community convened for the July board meeting.

A panel-like Q&A “meet-n-greet” commenced just after the meeting ended, giving Ignition (the voting members of the Apo org) a chance to learn about the board candidates seeking to replace the three outbound board members who’ve fulfilled their terms (Kingpin, Sean Sidelko, and Matt Stringer – kudos guys!).


Ignition Mixers

Caroshine, Ignition Fluffer, has a goal to coordinate a monthly Ignition mixer and would like feedback and ideas of what could be covered at these monthly gatherings to promote learning and collaboration. Please email Caroshine with your ideas or feedback!


Bobalicious announced that Denver Decompression 2013 is now in the planning stages, and encouraged those who are interested to come take part. Everyone is welcome!  You can join the Denver Decompression Facebook Steering Group to see how you can get involved.


Megan announced that SLAP has been renamed to “LOVERS” – they intend to present a plan to work more closely with Apogaea in order to fulfill their mutual interests.


President, Kingpin, reiterated how well the event went in June. Everyone chuckled when he clicked the slideshow to beam “45 weeks to work weekend!”

Kingpin proposed that the board push back a few dates in the timeline to not only accommodate the Burning Man “deadzone,’ but also to affect a cascading series of changes such as an earlier art budget decision/announcement, an earlier art fair, and hence an earlier ticket sales start date.

Date Changes Unanimously Approved by the BOD:

  • Leadership Retrospective to discuss best practices for 2014 – July 28th, 2013 (Ignition)
  • August BOD Meeting: Sunday, 8/11/13. It will be the first meeting with the new board members voted in by Ignition. The new board will elect new Officers
  • New BOD Strategy Retreat, 9/21/13
  • September BOD meeting: Sunday, 9/29/13 – announce population, ticket price, # of days for the event, budget.

Vice President, April ‘Glitterati” commended Ground Control on the great job with volunteer tracking this year. She added that there seemed to be less flaking. She’ll present the organized data that was tracked to the new board.

Treasurer, Steve M. reviewed the monies and stuff. The finance committee met 8 times to make sure all reimbursement requests they received were fulfilled. Thanks for all your hard work!

The awesome news is that though there are still some pending reimbursements, the event was still under budget. The actual numbers will be published later this year. Even with a larger event, Ground Control and all those involved kept within the budget. Woo hoo!

Steve added some suggestions that could benefit the org for the future:

  1. Add insurance for both our trailers and their contents
  2. Create a better land contingency plan in case something happens with the location we have
  3. Add a motor pool lead to help with transportation coordination, fueling, etc. to streamline and possibly cut costs in this

Secretary, MissAlicious: the BOD unanimously ratified the May board meeting minutes to be stored on the wiki for the record.



Open Positions
Conclave Pod Lead – Michael McDonough resigned prior to event and hasn’t been replaced
Social Media Liaison – ‘Luki’ resigned after the event

Communications Lead– Gretchen W

New Positions
Assistant Treasurer – unanimously passed by the board to create this position

It was also recommended that an Ember Reports Lead and Census Lead for Apogaea 2014 need to be created.


Every Ignition member needs to complete and submit an Ember Report!  Ember Reports allow Ignition to record their department’s best practices, what to avoid in the future and ideas for improvement, etc.   James Whiddon has done an excellent job in taking the lead in order to create a form to submit. Information will be easily organized from the form.

It was agreed that the past process allowed for more discussion because Ignition could see every Ember Report each time it was submitted. The BOD decided it needs to be determined how the reports will be distributed to Ignition to incite that good ‘ol discussion.


For 2014, it will likely work better to hold fewer people (i.e. only Ground Control) accountable for budget items to ensure cost savings and to avoid duplication of effort or spending.


Come out to the August board meeting in Boulder at the Magic Mansion on Sunday, August 11th!  This is a public meeting, so all are welcome!   ♥