Register Your Event/Activity in the 2013 WWWW Event Guide!


We’re almost there, kiddies!  The Apogaea event guide, the Who, What, When, Where (WWWW), is starting to come together!

The WWWW is best way to make sure that everyone at Apogaea knows about your naked unicorn trot, your theme camp’s dirty diaper champagne brunch, what time Skrillex will be spinning at your sound camp, or any other event happening at a specific time or place that you’d like listed in the guide.


Only events submitted with the this form will be included in the WWWW event guide:

WWWW Event Guide Registration Form 

Registration closes on May 27th at 11:59pm.  No exceptions!  Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your request because we can’t fix any problems after the deadline.

 The Apogaea WWWW Robot