Center Camp Schedule of Events & Installations

Center Camp is gearing up to be a hub for Apogaeans in 2013! Come learn about the 10 Principles, take in an afternoon of people watching, sit back and groove to live bands, enjoy a cup of hot coffee, mingle at a community potluck, get creative in a workshop, and gain knowledge about all that […]

Register Your Event/Activity in the 2013 WWWW Event Guide!

We’re almost there, kiddies!  The Apogaea event guide, the Who, What, When, Where (WWWW), is starting to come together! The WWWW is best way to make sure that everyone at Apogaea knows about your naked unicorn trot, your theme camp’s dirty diaper champagne brunch, what time Skrillex will be spinning at your sound camp, or […]