Final Instructions and Event Information

Here are some final instructions including information about the attendee list / tickets, parking, early entry, and directions to the event.

Tickets and Entry

If you are over 12 years of age, to get through the gate your name needs to be on the “Attendee List” that was created when you bought your ticket through Brown Paper Tickets. If you are 12 or under you can get in with your parents. Note that the customer service people at Brown Paper Tickets sometimes give out the wrong information. Your name MUST be linked to your ticket through Brown Paper Tickets and your government issued ID must match that name or you will not be allowed in the gate!

Have a ticket but not sure if your name is on the list or need to change a name?
Instructions are in the Tickets FAQ –

Remember, the paper ticket doesn’t get you in, your name and government issued photo ID have to match the list, like a guest list. Also, your art ticket is waiting for you at the gate, along with a fancy wristband!

Since you will all be carpooling, note that everyone in your vehicle needs to have a ticket and be on the list. If anyone in your vehicle does not have a ticket but is intending to get in you will all be sent home. Also, if anyone is caught sneaking into the event and they came with you, you’re all kicked out. ASS is watching.

Your vehicle will be searched. We’re looking for people without tickets and nasty moopy stuff like feather boas. These searches will be by gate volunteers, not police or authorities.

Things to bring to the gate:
Signed Waiver –
ID – Government issued (drivers license, passport)

Early Entry

Wednesday early entry will be regulated. If you are registered in the volunteer database for a shift ON ANY DAY or you are an Ignition member you will be granted Wednesday early entry. Preregistered theme camps will be allowed to give four individuals early entry.


Upon arrival to Apogaea, vehicles will be allowed to unload gear at your camp (remember to stay on the road!!!). After you’ve unloaded, vehicles must be taken to the indicated parking area by one person in your group (cuz you all carpooled). A shuttle will be transporting people from the parking area this year. Please limit the amount of people and gear on the shuttle.
For questions or comments, please email [email protected]
Thank you!
The Fuehrer (Brian Edwards, parking lead)

Food Drive

Apogaea will be conducting a non-perishable food drive at the event this year. We are soliciting donations of canned food (on the way in) or extra food (on the way out) for donation to a Bailey area food bank. We believe this would be a very effective way for Apogaea and its community to give back to the local area that has allowed us to hold our event for many years.  As we attempt to grow the event, the goodwill of the community will be an increasingly important factor.

Ice Sales

The days for ice sales have changed this year due to the addition of Wednesday. The Survival Guide was completed before the additional day was added. Ice sales are now on Thursday & Sat (no longer Friday) noon until it is gone. $2 per bag.


Driving directions have been posted on our website:

Read these before you get here

Survival Guide –
The survival guide is REQUIRED reading for all attendees. There will be a quiz at the gate.

Rules and Preparation –

Who, What, When, Where –

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Watch for speed traps the whole way, they know you’re coming. Have a great journey and we’ll see you at Apogaea – The Spiral!