Apogaea – Colorado Burning Man Regional Event

Apo Announcement:  Information from the mini town hall February 19, 2-4 PM at GuildWerks

1.  Event Growth:

Wednesday early entry will be allowed for Team Ignition, limited numbers for pre-registered camps & art projects, and anyone who signs up for a shift in the volunteer database!

2.  Ticket Sales:

  • Low income (formerly scholarship) and teen ticket applications will be accepted from March 1st to 15th. You must apply for your ticket at that time.  These tickets will be half price ($40).  Details on how to apply can be found here.
  • Tickets go on sale for the general public on March 20th at 7 PM.
  • APO granted artists will be allowed to purchase a very limited number of presale tickets.

3.  Art Grant Recipients:

Check out the fabulous art projects Apo is funding this year.  This event is going to be HOT!


4.  Ticket design contest winner:

  • The Apogaea 2012 ticket art contest ran from November 18, 2011 – February 6, 2012.
  • The winning artist will receive one free ticket to the 2012 event.
  • There were 12 submissions, including several from the same artist.
  • The Apogaea Ignition Team and Board of Directors voted on the submissions.  Submitting artists names were not associated with the art work during the voting.
  • The winner was selected by popular vote.
  • The winner is………. Jason ‘Kemo’ Santiago. Congratulations!!  Check out Kemo’s design:

5.  Volunteer database is online now! Volunteer at Apo
6.  Center camp:

  • The board and center camp infrastructure lead Amelia Graycen put a lot of thought into how to bring coffee to center camp.  Amelia’s survey indicates that the majority of you would like to have coffee and tea available, but we don’t have the money to do it for free and charging for coffee would risk bringing in the health department. If people with experience, knowledge, or equipment want to make coffee happen, they can join the Apogaea Café Facebook group:
  • Apogaea is making a big investment in Center Camp in terms of time, budget and increased activities.  We are looking for people to help with the set up and running of Center Camp including decoration, “orphan performers” and stage managers.
  • Center Camp Infrastructure Lead, Amelia Graycen, is responsible for setting up the space and has a great vision to make Center Camp a place for all Apogaeans to gather to hang out, contribute to community art projects and participate in orphan performances.
  • Orphan Performances Lead, HollyG, is responsible for recruiting and coordinating any and all who need a venue to share their skills and talents.  This includes, but is not limited to: workshops, skill sharing, crafting, live music, spoken word/poetry, healing, yoga, etc.
  • To help with Center Camp Infrastructure, contact Amelia Graycen, or sign up as a volunteer.  To sign up as an orphan performer, contact HollyG.