Interview with Tommy Tommy Tommy, Your New Art Committee Lead

Koda: Hi Rev. tommytommytommy! Can you introduce yourself to the community (those that may not already be aware of your awesomeness!)?

TTT: Howdy Koda. Your Reverend has been burning since 2002 and hitting Apo since before it was Apo. Most folks know me from my absurd dancing, demure outfits, and emceeing fantastic events… I’m the guy with the mouth.

Koda: What is the title of your new role with Apogaea?

TTT: I was designated the Art Committee Lead.

Koda: What background do you have in the arts?

TTT: I am an architect who specializes in sustainable design, plus I teach design & green building. I also create furniture & metal sculpture, MC the Miss Apo Beauty Pageant (reawakening this year!) and other events, shoot photographs, and help create bitchin’ theme camps.

Koda: What are you responsibilities as art lead?

TTT: I put together the art committee, put calls out to artists to submit grant proposals for the festival, and organize the committee to evaluate the art proposals.

Koda: Have you been involved with this process in the past?

TTT: Yeah, I have been on the art committee for several years.

Koda: Overall, what does the art grant committee do for Apogaea?

TTT: The committee evaluates art proposals to determine how much money we grant to each project and then works with the artists to help them realize their projects. We also select from the effigy proposals.

Koda: Where does this funding come from?

TTT: Grant money is allocated from the Apogaea Board. It comes from Apo ticket sales, our community.

Koda: Traditionally, how much money has been allocated to artists and how many artists receive grants?

TTT: Last year we granted about $17,500 plus money for that frickin’ amazing effigy. This increases every year! Last year, about 32 artists got grants, mostly between $200 and $1000. Usually we do not have enough money to fully fund projects so artists hold fund raisers or have camp dues.

Koda: What kind of commitment does it take to be a member of the art committee?

TTT: The time required is usually a couple hours per week until the weeks before reviewing the two rounds of grant applications, for those it is probably 14 hours per week.

Koda: If members of our community are interested in being members of the art committee, what should they do?

TTT: First, they should determine if they have enough time and organizational skill to devote to the committee business and meetings. If they do, they should quickly send an email to [email protected] requesting an application.

Koda: If members of our community are interested in applying for a creative grant, what should they know?

TTT: Artists need to be willing to thoroughly fill out a grant application and keep receipts of their costs…and be willing to create bitchin’ art. Folks can get lots more mis/information about this at

Koda: What does the creative grant schedule look like for Apogaea 2012?

TTT: We are nailing this down but expect the first grant round to be open in December and close some time in January. The details will be posted everywhere in the next few weeks.

Koda: If an artist submits a proposal, what are the chances of receiving funding? How can an artist increase their chances?

TTT: Most artists who submit a complete application receive some funding. An artist will increase the likelihood of getting a grant by following all the rules for applying, and showing a well thought out & kickass project, especially art that creates lots o’interaction.

Koda: What types of art are typically funded?

TTT: We typically fund incredible art, of course, everything from performances to sculpture to workshops to sound camps to sublime temples to mutant vehicles to alien artifacts and other stuff that makes one ask: WTF?

Koda: What type of expenses does a creative grant cover?

TTT: Mostly raw materials such as fabric, hardware & wood, and consumables such as saw blades & paint. We usually do not fund artists’ time, generators, tools, tickets, food, transportation, booze and whatnot.

Koda: Is the committee seeking to fund any types of projects in particular?

TTT: Powerful, unique, and interactive art, especially trippy, comfy, WARM cuddle spaces.

Koda: Is there anything else you’d like the community to be aware of regarding the art committee?

TTT: We are here to help you keep Apo one of the most amazing experiences on the planet.

Koda: One last question: What’s the most ridiculous project you’ve funded?

TTT: That’s like asking which of your children is most dysfunctional…oh wait, that’s easy, Gnome Camp.

Koda: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview and for providing this information for our community.

TTT: Thanks for all your and the rest of the volunteers’ great work. I’m looking very much forward to an even more kickass festival.

For more info about art at Apo, including grants, surf