In case of severe weather, forest fire, or other need for evacuation, please come to Center Camp for more information, and listen for announcements broadcast on the large sound systems. Do NOT attempt to leave in your own vehicle unless instructed to do so – traffic jams or stuck vehicles could endanger lives during an emergency.


The state and/or county may issue a partial or comprehensive burn ban. Apogaea will conform to these agencies’ requirements and cannot guarantee that burning of any material will be permitted.

The area where the event is held is forested and an uncontrolled fire would have devastating consequences for participants, the environment, the local community, and the future of Apogaea.


If a burn ban is not in effect:

  • All fire art must be approved prior to the event by the Fire Art Lead by emailing [email protected]
  • All fire performances must be conducted in the designated fire performance area ONLY. Performers must check in at Convergence to receive the current fire ban status and to check in props.
  • Performers must also take the Uniform Fire Use Guide workshop, and receive a wristband before performing. For more information, contact [email protected]

Regardless of fire ban status, all uses of fire must follow these requirements:

  • With the exception of camp stoves, gas barbecues, and Emergency Services (BAMF) approved fire barrels/fire places, no fire of any kind will be permitted without prior approval.
  • All approved fire pits or burn barrels must be raised from the ground, properly secured and accompanied by a full water bucket (at least 5 gallons). Please prepare to bring your own water for this purpose, as there is no water available on-site. You must also bring your own wood.
  • Do not put anything other than wood or cardboard into fires.
  • No in-ground campfires, charcoal barbecues, tiki torches, candles, oil lanterns, fireworks, flares, or explosives are allowed.
  • Apogaea’s burn barrels may not be moved. The wood provided by Apogaea is only for Apogaea burn barrels, not personal or camp burn barrels.
  • Cooking stoves must be on a level surface with any dry vegetation within one yard removed.
  • All generators, fuel storage, and potential spark-sources must be placed in areas in which all dry vegetation has been removed.
  • All generators, fuel storage, and potential spark-sources are subject to specific requirements for noise and fire safety. Please see the section about ‘Generators’ in this Survival Guide.
  • Smoking is allowed in designated areas only. Butts must be disposed in designated buckets, ashtrays, or personal butt-boxes. If we have a burn ban in effect, smoking may be restricted to inside cars. Do not place cigarette butts in burn barrels.
  • At the request of the landowner, DO NOT burn any old wood found on the ground.
  • Help our community ensure the safe future of Apogaea by practicing radial self-reliance. Help your fellow participants by keeping an eye out for dangerous fire situations. Report any violations to BAMF or an Apogaea ranger.


Emergency Protocol

If an event wide emergency arises, all attendees are to report to center camp for instructions from rangers on how to proceed. If you are experiencing a personal emergency and able bodied, contact a Ranger or BAMF member. If you can’t personally go, send someone on your behalf.


Apogaea is held in a forested mountain environment at high elevation. Daytime highs in June average in the 80s, but nighttime lows can be anywhere from the 50s to below freezing. Sudden storms producing lightning, rain, snow, and/or hail are all possible. Bring plenty of warm clothing and a way to keep it dry. Remember that part of being in the forest means there are things like bears, ticks, and other wildlife here.


Recognize and respect people’s personal boundaries. People have different comfort levels with physical and emotional intimacy. Before you assume someone wants a big kiss or a new best friend, ask them. When someone says NO, it means NO. If someone can’t or doesn’t answer, that should be taken as a no. Silence is not consent. It also means that cajoling, pleading, or any form of emotional blackmail is UNACCEPTABLE.

Tips for maintaining your personal safety and well-being:

  • Communicate with those around you about anything making you uncomfortable.
  • You are in charge of your boundaries. You must be sober enough to be in control.
  • You must ask before photographing, videotaping, or recording anyone on any media. If you are asked to stop, you must do so immediately.
  • Tolerate and respect your fellow participants by not interfering with their enjoyment, art, or expression.
  • Remember: you are responsible for your own experience.