Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Flaming Art

Arthur FlamingTitle: Community Liaison

Description: Art is a fictional character, created to improve communications between the board of directors and the Apogaea community at large. He publishes the Apo OutPost Newsletter, polls the community and makes informative posts in the Apogaea Facebook Group. He also keeps the website up-to-date, publishes board meeting summaries to keep you alerted about what your leaders are up to, and occasionally writes editorial blog posts.

Bio: Originally Art was only one superstar person, but the communications team has grown significantly this year. Currently, several of your friendly Ignition members are ghost-writing for Art, but the identities of his alter ego may change over time. Maybe someday, he’ll be YOU! Information from Art can be considered official from the Board of Directors, and he would also love to hear your feedback on any issue relating to Apogaea! Read more about Flaming Art in his 2011 interview.

Email: flamingart@apogaea.com