Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event


Title: Project Coordinator

Description: Project Coordinator – streamlining event planning materials and establishing detailed work plans to be implemented by the organization’s operational departments during the event in June 2017.

Bio: I believe art has a powerful way of communicating stories about the human experience. Whether it’s a painting, drawing, sculpture, street art, musical performance, dance, play, novel, or everything in between, I believe that art has a unique way of connecting people across time and culture. Personally, I grew up playing the piano and singing, but my true passion is literature. I studied English and Anthropology in undergrad and graduate school, and I used to be an English teacher. (I have also taught piano to elementary and middle school students, and I used to be high school speech and debate coach.) I really enjoy enabling a person to communicate, whether that’s in spoken word, a written essay, or in a piece of music! But, in addition to teaching, I also have several years of professional experience in project management. Working closely with executive leadership, I have had a lot of professional success developing project management processes, as well as managing projects in multiple areas: IT, Operations, Finance, Education, and HR. I’m that person who loves sticky notes and gets a high from office supply stores! I genuinely enjoy organizing, as well as creating and executing plans. I am so excited to bring my project management experience to Apogaea, and have the opportunity to work in such a unique environment with an amazing group of people!  (Also, I love dogs! Hubby and I have three rescues who I affectionately call, “my furbabies”. Furry companions are the best!)