Creative Grants

Cash 4 Gas Grant Round OPEN Through 4/30!

The Apogaea Creative Grant Program

Apogaea’s primary goal is to maintain a community that cultivates interest in and pursuit of art, music, and artistic expression.  To help foster this creative community, each year, Apogaea returns a percentage of its ticket revenue to artists in the form of grants because we know it often takes cold, hard cash to make things happen.  Each year’s event is seeded with creativity and artistic expression by returning a part of the event’s ticket revenue to artists through the fair distribution of creative grants.  Grant funds can be used for almost any type of powerful and unique art including, but not limited to: sculpture, theme camps, sound camps, performance art, workshops, and mutant vehicles.  We encourage creativity regardless of the idea’s size and scope by providing multiple grant rounds targeting different needs.  Even if you don’t think of yourself as an “artist,” but need some financial assistance to get your creative idea to Apogaea, we might be able to help.

CATS (Creative Art Team Support) is a diverse cross-section of the community that volunteers with Apogaea year-round by managing the grant process and artist support for Apogaea, Inc.  A Conflict of Interest Policy is in place to help ensure that when actual or potential conflicts of interest arise, the organization has a process to follow.  Anyone interested in discussing art and Apogaea is invited to fill out an application to join CATS.  In June, watch the website or your favorite source of official Apogaea news for the announcement that we’re accepting applications.

Distributing a significant amount of the community’s money to artists deserves a process providing 100% transparency.  The most current processes, policies, and grant related information are found on this page.  Each year, CATS provides a report describing the process, decisions, and disbursements in detail.

Apply for a Grant!

Interested in applying for a creative grant?  Get started by checking out what we have funded in the past.  That will give you an idea of what types of projects we have actually given money to, what information we will be asking you to provide, how detailed your answers should be, among other things.  We also provide some suggestions for grant writing success.

It is important to remember that we don’t just give money to everyone that applies. Believe me, just dividing up the money would be a lot easier for everyone involved. Unfortunately, we receive requests for FAR more money than we have to give out which means we actually have to decline MANY, MANY applications.  In 2015, only 40% of applicants received a grant – we had to decline over half of the applications we received!  In the end, applications are weighed against others, ultimately being selected or declined by the entire CATS committee, each of whom has only a single vote.  Every application we receive is considered equally.

In general, grants are awarded to ideas/projects that:

  • Stand out from the other applications and are novel/unique
  • Are most likely to be completed and installed by the time the event starts, will be operational throughout the event, and will practice Leave No Trace when departing the event
  • Are interactive, engage a significant portion of the event population, and WILL BLOW YOUR MIND
  • Take Apogaea’s challenging geography and fire bans into account
  • Are a good value for the grant money we are offering
  • Appeal to the majority of a dozen+ people sitting on the selection committee

Everyone is eligible to receive an Apogaea grant EXCEPT individuals or individuals belonging to these groups within Apogaea, Inc.:

If you have questions about the grant process, email [email protected] for assistance.

Grant Rounds

The current two-round grant scheme was implemented with the intent of supporting the opposing goals: “We should fund a smaller number of larger projects” and “We should fund a larger number of smaller projects.”  The Big Money round was fully intended to support ambitious projects, and yes, that means fewer numbers of bigger pieces will receive grants. The Seed Money round was intended to fall more in the direction of the second point – supporting more smaller projects by new artists who are just getting started with their public art, or artists who just have simpler projects in mind.

Any grant amount greater than $1,500.00 will be paid in multiple installments based on successful completion of pre-defined project milestones. The larger the amount of the grant, the earlier you needed to apply for the grant. This allows Apogaea to divide the total grant amount into two or more payments that will be awarded upon successful completion of pre-defined project milestones instead of paying artists one lump sum payment and hoping they show up to the event 6 months later.

The 2022 CASH FOR GAS GRANT ROUND is open through 4/30!

To encourage and support as much non-ember producing fire art as possible, Apogaea provides propane on site at a discounted rate to any fire artist who applies in advance. You may receive discounted propane delivered on site during the event, or can also request to have your propane costs covered in full during this round. Burn baby burn!

  • 2019: C4G round was first introduced.  Details coming soon!