The Organization

As a 501C-3 organization, Apogaea, Inc. is a member-based organization composed of individuals who are affiliates of the Corporation and actively participating within in it.  These members are otherwise known as IGNITION.  At the heart of Apogaea the event, and all that makes up Apogaea, is a synergistic team of dedicated volunteer members.

The Ignition Departments are are responsible for the logistics of the event, while the BOD and Officers act as more of the policy makers, as well as mentors for the Department Leads. Learn more about the BOD and Officers by clicking the link below:

»Board of Directors and Officers

Ignition Departments

Click on each department’s page to learn more about the role of that department and its members, as well as contact info, job descriptions and other useful info.

Sparks (Apogaea super-volunteers not official members of the organization and not ratified by the Board)