Apogaea Land Criteria

Apogaea is seeking land for future years:

Our arts and music festival runs over a long weekend, Wednesday through Sunday in the early summer, hosts approximately 2000vparticipants, and has been running for the past eight years. We have a great rapport with the local community in our present location, but we are looking to grow and possibly move closer to Denver.

We are looking for any contacts to someone who would be willing to rent or sell us land. We are also looking into the possibility of buying suitable property. I thank you very much for your assistance, and ask you to please email [email protected] if you have any questions or if we can provide further information.

Our land requirements are:

  1. Vehicle accessible land in the range of 20 to 60 acres. Of course, more space is better. Since Apogaea is a ticketed festival, it’s preferable if access to the site is limited (only one road in; fences; etc.). While all the land need not be flat, we will need flat space for parking and camping, which means more rather than less flat land.
  2. A reasonable land-use cost; we are a not-for-profit, and most of our take (exclusively from ticket sales) is put towards the next year’s event (art grants, porta-potties and other infrastructure, etc.).
  3. A drive time from Denver of three or fewer hours.
  4. Full legality of use (private land is preferred).
  5. A large area that is sparsely covered with vegetation would be very handy for large campfires. (However, Apogaea is fully prepared to comply with any local, county, or state fire bans that are in place.) Some trees on the land are preferred, as all staff and participants will be camping and shade is appreciated.
  6. Early access to the land in advance of the festival may be necessary: to place infrastructure, to set up larger art pieces, etc. Cleanup should likely take only one or two days after the close of the festival.
  7. No—or very few, tolerant—neighbors. It is probable there will be loud music playing late into the night, and the last thing we want to do is annoy or inconvenience the neighbors of those willing to host us.
  8. While there are no set altitude criteria, we are an outdoor camping festival in early June, so nighttime temperatures need to be taken into account when considering land choices.
  9. Apogaea is capable of undertaking land improvements to prepare the land for our use. This usually takes the form of clearing brush, preparing vegetation-free areas for campfires, clearing or improving trails or roads, etc.. Apogaea is able to and will get the necessary permits and authorizations necessary for a festival of this type.

Apogaea is an insured corporation founded in 2004 with a nine-member board of directors supporting the arts. Roughly half of Apogaea’s operating budget is given out as grants for artists and performers to create public art pieces at the festival. It is also a Leave-No-Trace event, with rigorous policies to leave the land exactly as we found it. More information about our event can be found on this website.

If you know of someone who owns property that fits the above description and might be willing to discuss renting the land to the organization, we would very much appreciate it if you could pass on our contact information to them to get in touch with us, or passing their information to us to contact them.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Apogaea Board of Directors