Apogaea 2024: Fire Performer Safety Meetings

Fire Performer Safety Briefing / Conclave Burn Perimeter Volunteer Briefings

4 Events, Wednesday (6/5) 5pm – 6pm, Thursday (6/6) 5pm-6pm, Friday (6/7) 5:30pm-6:30pm, Saturday (6/8) 5pm-6pm @ Center Camp

This is a required training for all fire performers and fire safeties at Apogaea as well as for any Burn Perimeter volunteers. The first 30 minutes will cover fire performer safety so attendees can receive their performer wristbands and spin fire at Apo! The last 15-30 minutes will cover burn perimeter volunteer training for this year’s Conclave event on Saturday night! If you signed up for a Perimeter shift, you MUST make one of these briefings.