Apogaea 2024: Seed $$ Grant Winners Announced!

Apogaea is excited to announce the winners of the 2024 seed money grant round!  Read on for more… and KEEP MAKING ART!

Tiny Labyrinths: A Pocket-Sized World Mulling Man’s Search for Meaning

Allison Todd

Tiny Labyrinths is a series of dioramas that reflect on the complexity of the human experience and the labyrinth-like journey each of us take finding our role within the larger world.


Evan Beloni

Zagolith is a magical monolithic sculpture series inspired by my exploration into the combination of mild and stainless steels.

Toad-Ally Totems

Stacey Lane

Imagine you are in the safari looking for the magical JuJu Manji. When off in the distance you see these weird, bright colored heads hoisted up on sticks.

The Mad Juju Hare

CJ Hendrickson + Candice Clark

Willkommen to an absurdist creation in the illusory world of Camp Juju Manji! Hop off the bus and stroll through Toad-Ally, full of Totems large and small and go down the rabbit hole to the backwards logic of The Mad Juju Hare!

Creature Adoption Station

Cosmic Cat

While on a surreal safari, you might encounter some unique animals who are looking for a home. We would like to invite you to the Creature Adoption Station!

Dali Llamanade Station

Megan Schaefer

Like a mirage on the horizon, the Llamanade station appears from thin air.

Rammin' your Ramen

Stefi Schraeder

Rammin' your Ramen is a creative art cart installation that simulates old school street food carts, serving delicious ramen. Saving lives one bowl at a time.

Honey Pot: A Fire Ceiling

Steve Powers

Come roast yourself to perfection in a giant cargo net full of new friends. Roll on into the net, lay back, and enjoy swirls of flames dancing as they burn into themselves above your head.

The Bestagons

Bhavana Jonnalagadda

Hexagons are just the bestagons; they’re elegant, mathematically beautiful shapes found reoccurring in both the deepest recesses of geometrical theory and in the natural world.

The Sharks Kiss

Collin Dunn

The Sharks Kiss is an LED sculpture featuring two geometric sharks locked in a kiss over a heart, inspired by the creators' relationship - "Domestic Sharkners."

Slime the Corporate Ladder

Mitch Giraffe

Slime Corp invites new and current employees to Slime their way to the middle!


Brenden Berg

What is seen and what is not seen is the core basis of this project, from afar all you will see and wonder is what might be those shapes be arranged in such a peculiar way.

Taste of Whirl of Art

Anna Frolov

Experience a preview of our communal art project Whirl of Art destined for Burning Man 2025.

Late Night Price Is Right: 0.5k “Race” for the Cure for the Common Hangover

Harry Merkin + Dead Horse Productions

Late Nite Price is Rite is quitting game shows in 2024. We’ve lost weight, deleted Facebook, and now we’re hitting the gym.

*Inner Jungle Comes Out 2 Play* DICE Stage

Dairdre Scriven + DICE Crew

DICE will create a small stage, backed by a wall of stuffed animals and psychedelic cellophane curtains, to host events and workshops that highlight the voices, art and experiences of minority burners.

Fiber Forest

Rachel Fish

The Surreal Safari is living up to its name in the FIBER FOREST. Four glowing palm trees with color changing trunks and glowing fiber optic leaves surround a screen with projection mapped forest-themed visuals.