Apogaea 2024: Effigy, Temple, and Art Grant Announcements

Your CATS team is super excited to announce the Effigy, Temple, and Big Money Art Grant recipients for APOGAEA 2024: SURREAL SAFARI!


Art aFlame

Art of Sean T French

Fire and metal sculpture activated by fire artists. Art of Sean T French - Art aFlame will bring the fire and metal sculptures of Sean T French including 3 new pieces for 2024 and the FeNyx, WOMANTIS2, from 2023 APO, and the upgraded "Dont Touch", (with updated features and systems)new to Apo.



Diana Merkel

The “Well?” Temple team this year is a group of long time burners (Boogie Boutique, Swig N Swing, and more recently Disco Lips). They share a passion for creating art in many forms - and they have all worked together to create and build Lyre ’72, the woven orbs at Apo 2023.


Bow Drill

Evan Beloni

Bow Drill is the beginning of a series of interactive fire sculptures inspired by historically significant fire starting devices. The bow drill is the iconic prehistoric fire starting method utilizing a wood spindle to create friction against a wood fireboard creating embers to start a fire.


Uncle Charlie’s Red Hot Rodeo: Cock vs. Ass

Charlie Blackcat Smith, Art of Such n Such

“Uncle Charlie's Red Hot Rodeo” is a Face-off between two LP gas flame effects teeter totter and bbq grills that sit 5 “wide x 12 ft tall x 16 ft long and shoots fire 10 - 15 ft from their heads upward to the sky.


Hangry Hangry Hippo

Julie + Zane Claes

A husband and wife duo, Julie and Zane create interactive, whimsical sculptures that blend technology with art. From bubble-blowing bears to fog-emitting mirror fox heads, each piece is designed to spark joy and inspire play.



David Brann, KT Rex

Species: Nepenthes (/nɪˈpɛnθiːz/) Ne-pan-th-eees
Genus: Ignis Sarracénie

Our idea is to create a metal sculpture of a pitcher plant. We are inspired by the stunning beauty and vicious aspects of nature. We continue to find inspiration within the darkness of death.



Matt Feeney

Matt Feeney is a Denver-based conceptual artist and metal fabricator who designs and creates custom furniture, sculptures and mixed media works. SELF ALIGNMENT is a chakra-inspired steel and tempered glass light sculpture incorporating plants and flowers, oriented to the cardinal directions.