Apogaea 2023: Water Delivery is Available!

Water Delivery is available at Apo 2023 but only for camps or individuals with large format tanks such as an IBC tank or large holding tank, minimum size is 250 gal. for on-site fill.

For filling of smaller containers (under 250 gal.) please visit The Water Station in Trinidad on your way to Apo or another vendor before you arrive on-site.  No fills will be scheduled during Apo and any on-site fill must be scheduled and coordinated in advance.  Please see the attached flyer for details on ordering water or filling up in town, thank you.  Apogaea DPW

Schedule A Water Delivery

Camps or individuals with 250 gallons or more be sure to plan your deliveries before May 24th!

Pickup In Town At The Water Station

Bulk Water Pick-Up, Reverse Osmosis Water, and Alkaline Water are available 24/7

2400 Nevada Avenue, Trinidad, CO 81082

Office Hours Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday closed

[email protected]