APOGAEA 2023: Big Money Grant Round Opens 12/24!

Attention Apogaea participants and folks thinking about joining us too!

Doing art is a year-round sport, which is why CATS is getting ready to fund big art for the 2023 event already.  The BIG MONEY grant round opens Dec 24 and closes Jan 30th at 5pm MST.

Large projects may request up to $6,000.  Projects submitting for Effigy or Temple can request up to $8,000.

If you’re thinking about submitting an application but have questions feel free to reach out to us, we’re here to support art, not just with money but with tips on assembling an application too.  Emailing [email protected] will reach all of us. Reminder applications close Jan 30th at 5pm MST.

Starting Dec 24 apply at:

For smaller projects we have the Seed Round in the new year, as well as a cash-for-gas round.  Make sure you’re subscribed to Apogaea email announcements if you plan to apply for those funding rounds.