**An Update on Propane Fire Pits in Registered Theme Camps**

Great news everyone, the BAMF team has been closely monitoring the weather patterns leading up to burn weekend and we feel comfortable about allowing unmodified listed (off the shelf) propane fire pits in registered theme camps!

A few restrictions will still apply:
-Before using any fire pits, a BAMF site inspection must be completed.  Please stop by the BAMF tent to schedule a site inspection.   These sites will need to be cleared of all fuels and placed on bare soil.
-We will only be approving sites in registered theme camps.  NO propane fire pits will be allowed in open camping.  This has to do with the amount of fuel (grasses/trees) in open camping and the reduced access for emergency vehicles.
-Similar to fire art, a fire extinguisher must be located within 5′ of your fire pit as well as a 5 gallon water bucket.  Propane Fuel source will need to be kept at least 5′ away from the fire pit and trip hazards properly mitigated.  Please have a responsible party overseeing any fire pits at all times and never leave them unattended.

Please email any questions to [email protected] or stop by the BAMF Tent onsite.