Late Night Price Is Right Art Grant Doblé Stimulus Showcase Showdown Bonus Round

When the team over at Late Night Price Is Right (LNPiR) heard we were doing grants for at-home projects they got excited and asked to sponsor a special Doblé Stimulus Showcase Showdown round.  (Technically CATS granted their first negative grant to LNPiR in the amount of -$149.47 to help fund it.)

Rules for LNPiR Doblé Stimulus round

  • In this round we’re upping grants to $25, but when you actually buy supplies the goal is to get as close as possible to $25 without going over.
  • Art can include found, used, or “borrowed” objects, but NOT objects purchased with non-LNPiR stimulus funds. 
  • Granted projects must be done and documented by September 12th, including submission of photos of the finished project and ALL scanned receipts for materials.    
  • A receipt is defined as an itemized, machine-printed document from a company with a tax ID number for an item that could be purchased by any consumer at the same price on the same day. No negotiated, bullshit garage sale or special friend prices will be honored and will be deducted from your final total.
  • After Sept 12th  LNPiR will identify and announce which LNPiR Doblé Stimulus Bonus Round project came closest to $25 without going over, share the art to the Apogaea community, and LNPiR will send the artist a very special Social Distancing Survival Showcase prize package valued at over $49.47!
  • Applying for this round is basically the same, and we’re funding 4 projects, first come first served.  The whole “special prize for receipts that total just under $25” is a bonus at the end. 


  1. Your name and project name.
  2. Describe your project.  50-ish words is fine, no need to get carried away; but feel free to go crazy. We are happy to read the rantings of frustrated artists. We’ve got nothing else going on right now.
  3. Optional: Your stated commitment to spay and neuter your pets. (Note: pet sterilization does NOT count against the total cost of your art.)
  4. Attach a photo or sketch of your idea drawn with your non-dominant hand. Like something worked up in Microsoft Paint would be great.
  5. Will your art be completed by Labor Day weekend?  Can you commit to sending us some photos or video of your completed project (and its demise, if applicable), as well as all receipts, by Sept 12?

Email your grant request to [email protected].  Remember, we’re funding on a first-come first-serve basis (unless your proposal is lousy), so request your funds TODAY! 

About Late Night Price is Right

LNPiR is a grant-funded Apogaea event hosted by the cynical art cooperative Dead Horse Productions™, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Glitter Chickens LLC, All Rights Reserved.

LNPiR brings adult-themed game show fun to Apogaea. You may know us from some of our greatest hit games including: Your Mom’s Vagina, Shake my Box, The Ice Cock Challenge, and of course, Dildo Plinko. We are not reliable, or liable.