2019 Seed Round Art Grant Winners

Apogaeans!  With Apo just around the corner we’re excited to announce the recipients of grants from the Seed Round. We received 16 applications for consideration and CATS has funded 10 of those. In total CATS is distributing $5,685.00   this round to help make the art you see below happen.

Shake ‘N Flame – $599

Artists: Heavy Metal Art Engineering, LLC

Shake ‘N Flame is an interactive fire art sculpture mounted on a large coil spring such that when participants bounce it around, fire and lights happen. The more you shake it, the more fire and lights you get!

Giant Tin Can Telephone – $450

Artists:  Napkin Math and Deep State

Use physics to ask strangers what color their underwear is.

The Mushroom Patch – $599

Artist:  Aaron Griffin

A patch of giant Amanita Muscaria mushrooms will glow in the distance and draw explorers closer. Within these human sized mushrooms will be subtle surprises to discover. The monster fungi will breath magic into the night. May all of our community have a feeling of aww as they leave the Mushrooms, not knowing what else is out there. 

Temple of Toons – $500

Artist:  GGG Camp

The Temple of Toons is a nighttime overdose and flashback of cartoons from the 60-90s.


That Rainbow Wall Projector Thing – $599

Artists:  Wetfish Art Team (wat)

A large projection mapped surface which reveals hidden forms and colors to participants.

The SNAZBOX – $599

Artists:  The ARTY BOYS – AnDrew Brislin and Arnaud Dumont

The SNAZBOX is a motion and sound reactive light box that hypnotizes those who dare cast their eyes upon it’s brilliance. Locate the SNAZBOX after dark to see if it brings you energy or perhaps hypnotizes you into believing that Apo is the coolest thing since flushable toilets. Results may vary. Ask your doctor if SNAZBOX is right for you.

The Slippery Pickle/ Ripe Melon-y’s – $599

Artists:  -Custom bars created by: Bryan Asher -“Memory Station” photobooth created by: Andy Grunskis -Misc. bar and games created by: Kirsten Asher and Andy Grunskis

The art-y-ness of our project largely comes from the atmosphere we’re planning to create. One of our biggest projects is the custom bars. Each bar top will be constructed with recycled pallet wood which has been cut down and arranged in a geometric pattern, and placed over the plywood “top”. The legs will be crafted using industrial steel bars. While not inherently pickle or melon themed, the bars will certainly be artistic creations that we also believe will be something to be admired and enjoyed by participants. The other art pieces we plan to bring include: bar signs which will be light up, 3D wooden cut outs (one for each bar respectively), as well as mood lighting and decorations that will “separate” the bars: pink designating the melon side, and green on the pickle side. We will also be designing inflatable, bean bag style chairs that we plan to make look like a “set” of giant melons, and some other chairs that we plan to arrange to look like our falack-y pickle mascot.

Wizards Camp – $591

Artists:  Wizards

Wizards Camp has a beautiful 2-story tall Wizard Hat tent which has a 20ft dance pole, black lit cuddle puddle area, and this year featuring Air Conditioning!! We have DJ’s, a bar, shade during day, and a Wizard Warmer fire pit for chilly nights. We host parties and workshops daily so stop in and be a part of the magic!

Potions & Magic Motions – Wizards are hosting a fun party featuring a Potion Making Station with an amazing selection of ingredients for participants to make their own magical potions!

Wizard Wand Workshop – This popular creative workshop provides everything participants need to make their own beautiful Wizard Wand or Staff! (Get there early – materials are limited)

Ripple Tube – $550

Artist:  Tyler Cande and all the physics teachers who came before who showed me this is possible!

The Ripple Tube is a scientific art project known as a Ruben’s tube. The installation visualizes sound waves using fire and will allow participants to interact with the piece to create their own waves.

Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion – $599

Artists:  The Wardrobe MalFUNKtion Crew: Jules Pellerin (Velvet Hammer), Kelly Malavasic (Skeptic Fletcher), Paul Hamill (Spike), Lynnette Bechard, Shane Erin Hynes

Wardrobe MalFUNKtion is a free experimental fashion station!