Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

This is your last weekend to do your art grant! And what about burning?

original photo by Brian Edwards

original photo by Brian Edwards

The odds are currently in your favor:

As of Thursday afternoon 4pm we’ve received fewer complete applications than we can count on one paw.

We have $45,000 to give away in this round.

Do the furry paw math people, the odds are currently good.  Several CATS members look favorably on artists who submit their applications before the final hour since it shows you’ve got your act together. ::wink wink::

None of the applications we have received yet are for the temple or effigy.

The Effigy, and especially (italics) the Temple are important to many in the community, and we would love to see interpretations of them both at Apogaea 2017, on fire or not.  If you are inspired to create one of these centerpiece projects, we can help you make it happen.

So what about burning stuff?

Propane will be a yes. POOF—wooot!

Photo by aljoschathielen

Photo by aljoschathielen

Ember producing fires… Our chances for being allowed to burn things are as high as they will likely ever be. At the moment we don’t know anything for sure, but the landowner and the Fire Marshall were impressed last year and are rooting for us.
If possible, consider how to make your project successful without burning it, and make plans to potentially bring it back home with you. It’s possible we won’t know the burn status until the last minute.

Remember, the submission deadline for Big Money is January 17th, 2017 @ 11:59pm MT


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