Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Apogaea Art Grants 2017!!!


Welcome back Apogaeans!  In preparation for the 2017 event, CATS (Creative Art Team Support) is already at work updating our operational guidelines and setting up grant rounds so all of you lovely artists can hit the ground running flush with wads of cash to make amazing art.

Manifesto and Year End Report-

First up, we’ve issued the 2017 Manifesto that outlines how we go about funding art, what’s eligible, how to apply, and generally making our inner workings open to the public. We realize the community puts a great deal of money and trust in our hands and we remain committed to being as transparent as possible, sharing our Manifesto is vital to that.  

View/Download the manifesto here      

Also we’ve posted the Year End Report from the 2016 event here.  

Budget For Next Year’s Event-

The Board has approved $60,000 for art grants next year.  It breaks down as follows:

CATS is allotting $45,000 for the “Big Money Round” of projects needing $600-$9000. This round will include the effigy and temple submissions. The Big Money Round is now open, December 17th, and close at midnight on January 17.

Next is the “Seed Money Round” for grants $599 and under. The Seed Money Round will open February 28th and close at midnight on March 14th.

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