May 2013 Board Meeting Summary

Board Meeting
May 19, 2013
Fusion Factory

Twas less than a month before Apo when all through the Fusion Factory, not a board member was missing, eleven others were there…oh wait, wrong season…ok, where was I? Flaming Art here to keep you abreast of the board meeting particulars! It was one of the shortest meetings of the year (whew), so I’ll be able to keep it brief since I’m sure you’re busy preparing for Apo!


“Julie Twister,” one of Apo’s founders, said she was so glad to see Apo had progressed to where it is and is still going! Everyone cheered to that.


PRESIDENT, Kingpin brought up the fact that a signed waiver is necessary for anyone stepping on to the land. Secretary, MissAlicious, volunteered to help make sure to email the waiver to Ignition and work weekend participants.

VICE PRESIDENT, April “Glitterati” announced that over 75% of the volunteer positions are filled, the open positions including mostly parking, placement and ones requiring authorization codes.

April briefly reviewed the volunteer coordination process. New methods will be implemented such as an info binder for daily leads, check-in and check-out tracking for volunteer shifts, and gathering emails for volunteers that sign on last minute who aren’t in the database. Plans are in place and key leads will be trained to help facilitate the new processes.

TREASURER, Steve M., announced a few important items:

  • Taxes were filed on May 15th when due,
  • Ignition swag patches were ordered and paid for
  • Vehicle rentals and insurance details are being finalized.
  • Apogaea bought a second trailer, as had been decided in April’s board meeting. It still needs to be painted to remove the old logo, but we now have MORE STORAGE space!!
  • We have purchased more infrastructure this year and are consequently slightly over budget

A motion was approved to authorize $50.00 to replace a marble paper towel dispenser that was destroyed at the retreat last month.

SECRETARY, MissAlicious: the motion to ratify the April board meeting minutes was approved.


Budget Lead – Nina Cress
Center Camp Daily Lead – Blaise Turner to replace resigning Brian McKinley
DPW Work Weekend Daily Lead – Lynn Strutton
Parking Daily Lead – Brian Hunt to replace Corey Denning and Mia Mayes, resigned by MIA
Placement Daily Lead – Ryan Eason to replace resigning Jackie Hoops
Sound Daily Lead – Nick Reding

New Positions
Business Lead – ratified Kristen Abel

Resigned and not being replaced this year
Conclave Fire Safety – Amie Spicer
Volunteer Gifts Assistance – Melisa Smith

Critical Vacancies

Kingpin asked board liaisons about their critical vacancies.  Saturday placement and Sunday parking shifts were still needed to be filled:

Reserve Tickets for Critical Vacancies

A motion to hold 20 full-price reserve tickets for needed parking/placement volunteer positions unanimously passed then was amended to also leave 28 additional tickets to be used at Matt Stringer’s discretion for volunteers, first come first served. Recipients of these tickets will be announced to Mission Control (the board).


The last chance ticket sale starts on May 29th at 6pm. Matt Stringer reminded liaisons and leads to follow up with those who have reserved tickets and haven’t purchased them yet. Last day to purchase is on Wed. 5/27 at 11:59pm before they go back into the pool for the last chance ticket sale.


Eric said insurance companies are getting savvier, making it more difficult and expensive to get the right kind of coverage needed for our event.

A motion passed to authorize up to $3,000 to purchase insurance to ensure more comprehensive coverage.


A plan is in place for ice sales and the board supports it. Steve M, treasurer, supported the plan with some stipulations:

Lee and Kingpin have promised to make Apogaea whole for the ice sales, meaning sales price x bags sold = $$ returned to Apogaea. Records will be kept to verify.

A budget for ice will be set up and in place by the following week after the board meeting. If not Kingpin and Lee will need to pay for the ice and request a reimbursement after the event.

*** NOTE: No change will be given for ice purchases, so please bring singles. Profits from ice sales go to local Bailey charities.


Tammy Norton and Kellie Nedrow were finalizing the map and made it available by the end of that week.


For emergencies, the key leads have created an ICS system and all involved have been appropriately trained. Bastion Ridley invented a “safety talk-through protocol”, teams have walked the evacuation routes, marked the land, conducted radio training etc. Rangers will be the key contact for all situations for attendees.