Open Ignition Positions

Ignition is the team of voting members for Apogaea, and the folks who take the lead on all the different projects and departments that make up the event.  Joining Ignition is a great way to get more involved in the future and planning of Apogaea and your way to make sure your voice is represented on the board.

Apogaea is seeking volunteers for the following positions:

  • Parking Daily Leads – Let’s face it, getting people to park efficiently is an art.  Since the space available for parking is limited, we need cat wranglers to head up this difficult task.  This position involves joining a team of parking leads headed up by Brian Edwards.  Each volunteer will run the parking team for one day of the event, from sunup to sundown.  (What do you mean I can’t park my car under the Center Camp tent?  What if it hails?)
  • Grant Writer – Apogaea is seeking an individual with experience researching and writing outside grants.  We recently obtained our nonprofit status so we are now eligible for more grants. (more money = more Art!)
  • Center Camp Infrastructure/Decoration Lead – Do you have a vision for Center Camp? Make Center Camp THE place to be! We have a great big circus tent, so we need to do it justice! It’s an empty canvass and would be a great venue for small stages, sound, lighting, artwork, common meeting/chill spaces and more. The CCID Lead is in charge of everything Center Camp related EXCEPT performer recruitment and scheduling.  (Will there be pillows?)
  • Land Search Lead – This is the person who will continue searching for new and exciting land for Apogaea to use. Even though we have the awesome new land in Bailey, we need to be thinking of contingencies.  (Land, ahoy!)
  • Radical Inclusion Lead – It’s one Burning Man’s Ten Principals: “Anyone may be a part of Burning Man. We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community.” Apogaea, as the Colorado regional burn, has adopted and is committed to Burning Man’s Ten Principals. If you have ideas about how Apogaea can “welcome and respect the stranger” and are passionate about it, this is the position for you. Taking on this important role would help Apogaea reach out to communities beyond our usual sphere.  (If I see one more middle aged white guy in a tutu…)

If you are interested in any of these positions, please send an email to [email protected].  Thanks, community, for all you do!