Apogaea – Colorado Burning Man Regional Event

December 2011 Board Meeting Announcement

The next Apogaea Board meeting will be…

Sunday December 11th, 2011
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

3563 Walnut St,
Denver, CO

At the Fusion Factory, across the street from Tracks night club and up the street from Walnut Room.


1:10 Public Comments and Introductions (15 minutes)

Please plan to address any issues you have for the Board at this time. Comments from non-board members during the regular meeting session may be limited due to time constraints.

1:25 James Whiddon – The Apogaea Community Art Fair (15 minutes)

1:40 Officer Reports
President –
Vice President-
Treasurer- Financials update
Secretary – Approve minutes

Items for discussion:

  1. Officer liability insurance policy – update (5 min)
  2. Budget update – Shutterbug
  3. Communication team update (10min)
  4. Review Org chart & ratify new leads (20min)
  5. Art committee – call for art out (10 min)
  6. Land contract (10min)
  7. Sheriff meeting update (5min)
  8. Prepare for permitting
  9. Set date/location of Jan/Feb meetings

Parking Lot (If we have time)
1. Changes to design contest?
2. Long term signatories at bank
3. PO Box keys