Directions and some final announcements

We hope you’re doing your last minute packing and preparations for Apogaea. We’re all excited and grateful for everyone who is participating. We do have a few last notes though, not all of which are fun, but they are very important!

So here’s some quick announcements from Gate and Perimeter (Perimeter is aka Apo Sec Squad)


  • If someone in your vehicle does not have a ticket but is intending to get in you are all being sent home.
  • Your vehicle will be searched. We’re not looking for contraband, we’re looking for people without tickets. These searches will be by gate volunteers, not police or authorities.
  • Do yourself a favor and don’t even try sneaking anyone in!


Here’s some things you should know about sneaking in:

  • You are not allowed on the land or in the event without a ticket.
  • If you are on the land without a ticket you are trespassing on private land. You may be handed over to the local sheriff.
  • Your ticket is revocable for any reason at the discretion of the rangers, the board, or the land owner.
  • If you bring someone to the event that attempts to sneak in then everyone with you may be asked to leave and forfeit their tickets.
  • Trespassers put the event at risk. The landowner is very concerned about it and we want to have Apo here next year. So we’re taking this much more seriously than we ever have before.

So make sure you and everyone with you has a ticket before coming.

Also, if you’d like to volunteer to secure the perimeter, please contact ASS at [email protected] or come by the info booth. We’re not on the volunteer sign-up page. We’re too secretive, and hiding, and camouflaged. We’re probably right behind you right now…

And Finally – As always make sure you sign your waiver and bring a photo ID (drivers license or passport please).  And check out The Rules and The Survival Guide. And why not take a gander at the WhoWhatWhereWhen.  And take a look at the Placement Map.

Also…, watch for speed traps the whole way, they know you’re coming. Have a great journey and we’ll see you at Apogaea Illuminate!