Aqeuous Mastadon by Araya Metzer 2016 Apogaea Ticket Design

Aqueous Mastadon by Araya Metzer 2016 Apogaea Ticket Design

Tickets are not yet available for 2017

Every participant at Apogaea must have a ticket. Without one, you will be escorted out by either an A.S.S. member or a Ranger. Ticket revenue supports the infrastructure needed to safely bring the event to fruition and the grant money for approved art.

All general sales tickets will be mailed after the Last Chance Sale, typically during the second week of May.  All Round One, Round Two and Last Chance Sales ticket holders will be receiving paper tickets from TicketFly. Guaranteed/directed tickets for Ignition, Sparks, Youth, Scholarship, etc.  will not be mailed – they will be available at the event’s will-call booth.

Last year a guaranteed ticket was promised to anyone who did one of the following things in 2016*:

  • Ratified Ignition member
  • Spark Volunteer
  • A department directed ticket volunteer
  • Anyone who volunteered 6+ hours
    *Tickets must be purchased by April 25th.

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Don’t Forget Your Liability Waiver!
This is REQUIRED for each ticket holder!


2017 General Ticket Sale Dates & Times

General Sale Round 1 – March 15th 7pm
General Sale Round 2 – March 25th 12pm(noon)
Last Chance Sale – June 1st 7pm

2017 Ticket Prices**

General Admission Tickets – $150
Youth/Scholarship Tickets – TBA
Ignition (Join Today!) – TBA
Sparks – TBA
Children 12 and under – Free

  • Mission Control and Ground Control Leads will be eligible for a $TBA ticket.
  • Granted artists will be eligible for directed tickets(full price but guaranteed), as will a small number of Theme Camp Leads. Ticket requests will be part of the theme camp placement application.

**Prices above are subjective to transaction fees.  A limited quantity of discounted tickets are reserved for Scholarship/ Youth, as well as core volunteers.  There are also a limited quantity reserved for Art Grant Recipients and Theme Camps.

Guaranteed Ticket/Directed Ticket Sale Schedule(2016 volunteers, theme camps, ignition, youth, scholarship, sparks)

March 1st – Ticket codes go out to people who were guaranteed tickets for last years service.
March 10th – 2016 Guaranteed ticket sale ends at midnight
March 20th – First round directed ticket sales including artists tickets
March 25th – First round directed ticket sale ends at midnight.
April 4th  Theme camp registration and ticket requests, and Youth and Scholarship ticket requests due by midnight.
April 18th – Theme camps informed of ticket requests granted
May 8th – Second round directed ticket sales including artists tickets
May 15th – Second round directed ticket sales ends at midnight.

Souvenir Art Tickets Available for Additional Purchase

We are adding an option to purchase souvenir art tickets with the winning ticket design this year. Because we will be working with a lean budget, we are doing away with free souvenir art tickets. The cost of this ticket is TBA. And YES, they will be awesome! If you do not purchase the souvenir ticket, your Ticketfly ticket will still admit you into the event.  If you purchase a souvenir art ticket, you can pick it up at will-call. There will be an option to purchase the souvenir ticket when you make your ticket purchase online.


Ladder – Ticket Exchange Program

Have an extra ticket you want to sell? Or do you need a ticket? No problemo – use Ladder!

Ladder is like STEP, except that it was created specifically for the Apogaea community by the Apogaea community. Ladder was created with one concept in mind: to match people with tickets to people needing tickets. It facilitates face value exchanges of tickets on a first-come-first-serve basis.

How Ladder Works: Ladder maintains an ordered list of people who need tickets. When a ticket-holder comes to the site with a ticket that needs a new home, they get to choose from a short list of people at the front of the line. Ticket-holders who don’t want to choose can just opt for the first person in line. Once the recipient confirms they still need a ticket, both ticket-holder and recipient are given each other’s contact information. From this point, it’s up to ticket-holder and recipient to conduct the transfer of the ticket.

>>Read the Guiding Principles of the Ladder Program 

>>Ladder can be found at

Scholarship & Youth Tickets

There are a handful of discounted tickets specifically set aside for Apogaea’s youth (ages 13 through 17) and for community members who have fallen on financial hardships. Children age 12 and under are free. Guidelines for Scholarship and Youth tickets:

  • Discounted General Admission price for 2017: $TBA
  • The deadline for scholarships requests is TBA
  • All scholarship recipients will be required to volunteer for six hours.
  • If requesting youth tickets:
    -Please indicate how many children under 12 you are bringing and how many children between 12 and 18 years of age.
    -Please provide the name and the gender of the children and which camp you will be camping with if you know where you will be camping.
    -Please provide parent(s) names and contact information
    -Please provide an off-site emergency contact
    -Feel free to share any other relevant information such as medical conditions or special needs.
  • If requesting Low Income tickets:
    -One application must be filled out for each person applying
    -Please provide a description of why you economic situation warrants a low income ticket.

»Requests for youth and scholarship tickets should be sent to

Ignition, Sparks & Granted Artists

All members of Ignition, Sparks and Granted Artists receive guaranteed tickets to Apogaea.

  • Discounted prices for 2017:
    Ignition – $TBA
    Sparks – $TBA
    Granted Artists – eligible for $TBA tickets
  • Ticket code will be provided via email. Please be sure your contact information is updated with your department lead.
  • Tickets are reserved for a limited time. After that date, any unclaimed tickets will be sold in the Last Chance sale.
  • Ignition members receive one ticket per person (not per role).
  • Artist along with all assistants, volunteers, and work crews related to the Art are required to pay for entrance to the event. However, Apogaea will reserve either one or two full priced tickets for each granted Artist, at Apogaea’s discretion. Artists must purchase these tickets before a TBA deadline or they will be released for sale to other parties (ticket sale dates TBA). Please refer to the creative grant funding page for the latest updates.

»Learn How to Join Ignition/Sparks
»Learn How to Apply for a Creative Grant

More Questions?

Have a reserved ticket? Purchased your ticket in the Last Chance Sale? Read the Ticket FAQ.

Ticket Terms & Conditions

With every ticket comes some responsibility. Refresh your memory or read up on the terms and conditions of purchasing a ticket to Apogaea.

»Read Terms & Conditions