Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event
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No tickets will be sold at the gate! Tickets must be purchased before arrival at the event.
Souvenir art tickets can be picked up at the gate! Please ask gate staff as you arrive at the event for yours if you purchased souvenir art tickets.

General Ticket Info

Every participant at Apogaea MUST have a ticket! Ticket revenue supports the infrastructure needed to safely bring the event to fruition and the grant money for approved art. Without a ticket, you will be escorted out by either an ASS member or a Ranger.

Every participant at Apogaea MUST have a signed Liability Waiver! This waiver explains attendees' responsibilities and the inherent cautions & dangers of attending. Without a signed liability waiver, you will not be allowed to enter the event.

Round 1 & 2 ticket holders will be receiving paper tickets from TicketFly if they selected the mail option, or their names will be on the will-call list at the event if that option was selected. OMG Round tickets will be available at the will-call booth only. Guaranteed/directed tickets for Ignition, Sparks, youth, scholarship, etc. will not be mailed; they will be available at the will-call booth only.

A guaranteed ticket for next year's event will be offered to people who meet one of the following criteria this year:

  • Ratified Ignition member
  • Spark volunteer
  • A department directed ticket volunteer
  • Anyone who completes 1 volunteer shift with BAMF or Rangers
  • Anyone who completes a shift with hours between midnight and 8 am
  • Anyone who completes 2 or more volunteer shifts with any other department

2018 General Admission Ticket Prices & Schedule

General Admission Ticket Prices

  • General Admission Tickets: $150
  • Children 12 And Under: Free

Prices are subject to transaction fees.

General Admission Ticket Schedule

  • March 15th at 7:00 PM: Round 1 general admission sales begin
  • March 25th at 1:00 PM: Round 2 general admission sales begin
  • End of April: Round 1 & 2 paper tickets mailed, delivered to greeters
  • June 1st at 7:00 PM: OMG Sale general admission sales begin

2018 Guaranteed/Directed Ticket Info

All members of Ignition, Sparks and granted artists receive guaranteed tickets to Apogaea!

Click HERE To Learn How to Join Ignition/Sparks!
Click HERE To Learn How to Apply for a Creative Grant!

  • Ticket codes will be provided via email. Please be sure your contact information is updated with your department lead.
  • Tickets are reserved for a limited time. After that date, any unclaimed tickets will be sold in the OMG Sale.
  • Ignition members receive one ticket per person, not per role.
  • Artists, along with all assistants, volunteers, and work crews related to the art, are required to pay for entrance to the event. However, Apogaea will reserve either one or two full priced tickets for each granted artist, at Apogaea’s discretion. Artists must purchase these tickets before the listed deadline or they will be released for the OMG Sale. Please refer to the creative grant funding page for the latest updates.

Guaranteed/Directed Ticket Prices

  • Granted Artists/Theme Camp Leads: $150
  • Sparks Tickets: $100
  • Ignition Tickets: $50
  • Mission Control/Ground Control Leads: $30

Prices are subject to transaction fees.

2018 Guaranteed/Directed Ticket Schedule

  • March 1st: Guaranteed ticket codes sent out
  • March 1st: Theme camp and youth and scholarship registration opens
  • March 10th: Guaranteed ticket sales end at midnight
  • March 20th: Theme camp and youth and scholarship registration closes
  • March 20th: Round 1 directed ticket sales begin, including artists' tickets
  • March 22nd: Theme camp and youth and scholarship ticket awards announced
  • March 25th: Round 1 directed ticket sales end at midnight
  • May 8th: Round 2 directed ticket sales begin, including artists' tickets
  • May 15th: Round 2 directed ticket sales end at midnight

2018 Scholarship & Youth Ticket Info

Scholarship & Youth Ticket Prices

  • Scholarship & Youth Tickets: $80
  • Children 12 And Under: Free

Prices are subject to transaction fees.

Discounted tickets are specifically set aside for Apogaea’s youth (ages 13 through 17) and for community members who have fallen on financial hardships. Children aged 12 and under are free.

Scholarship Ticket Guidelines

  • The deadline for scholarship requests is March 20th.
  • All scholarship recipients will be required to volunteer for six hours.
  • One application must be filled out for each person applying.
  • Please provide a description of why your economic situation warrants a low income ticket.

Scholarship Ticket Applications Open March 1st!

Youth Ticket Guidelines

  • Please indicate how many children under 12 you are bringing and how many children between 12 and 18 years of age.
  • Please provide the name and the gender of each child, and which camp you will be camping with.
  • Please provide parent(s) names and contact information.
  • Please provide an off-site emergency contact.
  • Feel free to share any other relevant information such as medical conditions or special needs.

Youth Ticket Applications Open March 1st!

Souvenir Art Tickets

When purchasing your ticket, you will have the option to purchase a Souvenir Art Ticket with this year's winning ticket design. Proceeds go to benefit Apogaea. If you do not purchase the souvenir ticket, your Ticketfly ticket will still admit you into the event.  If you purchase a souvenir art ticket, it will be available at the will-call booth for pickup.

Ticket Exchange

If you have a ticket to sell, or would like to buy a ticket outside of the schedule above, please email tickets@apogaea.com. Those wanting tickets will be matched with those selling tickets on a first come first serve basis.

Questions, Terms & Conditions

Have a reserved ticket? Purchased your ticket in the OMG Sale? Other questions? Read the Ticket FAQ. If your question isn't answered there, please email tickets@apogaea.com.

With every ticket comes some responsibility. Refresh your memory or read up on the terms and conditions of purchasing a ticket to Apogaea.

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