Survival Guide


What is the Survival Guide?

Attending Apogaea takes planning and preparation in order to keep yourself happy and healthy before, during and after the event. Please become familiar with what it takes to be prepared by reading the Survival Guide.

THIS IS REQUIRED READING! Please read and fully understand this document.
There will be a quiz at the gate.

The survival guide is divided into sections:
(2015 Survival Guide pages not yet available. Please see the previous Survival Guides under Survival Guide History)

  • Welcome to Apogaea
  • Event checklist
  • Participate
  • Getting there
  • Arriving at the event
  • During the event
  • Safety
  • After the event
  • How to get kicked out

Alternate formats for the guide

DOWNLOAD: To minimize MOOP, the guide is available for reference on your mobile device.

»2015 Survival Guide will be posted closer to the date of the event

PRINT: Otherwise, you can print a copy.

 »2015 Survival guide print formats will be posted closer to the date of the event

How to print booklet:

1. Open .PDF file in Adobe Reader.
2. Go to File > Print.
3. On the print menu, under “Page to Print” select “More Options”.
4. From the “More Options” list, under “Odd or Even Pages” select odd pages and check “Reverse Pages”.
5. Print odd pages.
6. Once pages print, return to printed in same order and repeat steps 2-3.
7. This time, only select even pages under “Odd or Even Pages”.


Community comments regarding the content in the Survival Guide can be made by contacting the Apogaea Media and Propaganda Department (AMP).

Help make this document better by participating in its evolution.  To volunteer to help with any aspect of the Survival Guide, contact moc.a1430087347eagop1430087347a@aid1430087347em1430087347.

Survival Guide History

Relive the past (or refresh your memory) by reading past Survival Guides. Here, you will be able to view different theme camps, workshops and art installations from years gone by.

If your computer cannot read PDF documents, download the free Acrobat Reader here.