Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event
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Click here for the Stuff To Bring list!

Attending Apogaea takes planning and preparation in order to keep yourself happy and healthy before, during and after the event. Please become familiar with what it takes to be prepared by reading the Survival Guide. We are on new land this year, so even if you think you know everything there is to know about Apogaea, read the Survival Guide.

THE SURVIVAL GUIDE IS REQUIRED READING! Feel free to use color-coded highlighters for the most important stuff. There will be a quiz at the gate and they are authorized to punish you for failing to adequately prepare (they are really creative too, so don’t mess with Gate).

Community comments regarding the content in the Survival Guide can be made by contacting the Apogaea Media and Publications Department (AMP).

Help make this document better by participating in its evolution.  To volunteer to help with any aspect of the Survival Guide, contact media@apogaea.com.

Past Survival Guides

Relive the past (or refresh your memory) by reading past Survival Guides. Here, you will be able to view different theme camps, workshops and art installations from years gone by.