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Volunteer at Apogaea

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Apogaea is an event held by the participants, for the participants. And one of the best ways to participate is by signing up for volunteer shifts during the event. It's a boat load of fun, and it really enhances the Apogaea experience. And it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. And quite often, outside as well. But any itching or burning should be checked out by your doctor. Most of our participants volunteer to keep the event we all love running smoothly.  Since we consider this kind of civic participation to be an important part of the experience, general volunteering does not guarantee a ticket, or a lower priced ticket, or really anything other than that you will be participating in keeping Apogaea awesome.   This page provides information about volunteering during the event.  If you are interested in volunteering before the event, please go to the Join the Organization page. Some positions that require special skills or considerable commitment of time and responsibility at and before the event, may guarantee a ticket or a lower-priced ticket.  These special roles are generally filled well ahead of time, but there may be a few left even closer to the event.  Please check out "Ignition" positions, "Sparks" positions, or Medical and Fire positions (BAMF) if you feel qualified and motivated to apply for something along those lines.

3 Easy Steps to Volunteer During the Event

  1. Using the button below, create your personal volunteer account.
  2. Log in to the volunteer system using your account information, and sign up for a shift or two or three.
  3. Show up for your shifts and have a great time! Contact volunteers@apogaea.com for questions.
The 2017 database is NOW OPEN!!!!!

Here's a Taste of Apogaea's Volunteer Departments

Thanks for your participation. This couldn't happen without your involvement! Apogaea Security Squad (A.S.S.) APO Department of Public Works Center Camp Clean Up De-Greeters Emergency Services Floaters Gate Greening Apogaea Greeters Info Booth Lamplighters Parking Badgers Placement Trained Rangers

Apogaea Security Squad (A.S.S.)

Protect our borders! Verify citizenship! Be an A.S.S.! Sign up for an A.S.S. shift in the database.

» Become an A.S.S. Member: ass@apogaea.com

APO Department of Public Works

Help with set-up and tear-down of the main public spaces and facilities. Since this role mostly works before the official start of the event and after the event is over, you won't see it on the schedule. Instead of using the form, please email us and let us know when you can arrive and/or how late you can stay, what kinds of related skills you have, and how much time you can commit.

» For information: dpw@apogaea.com

Center Camp

Center Camp offers a venue for individuals and groups to perform on stage, host workshops, and express their art outside the context of another theme camp. Volunteers will be needed to assist guest artists, oversee the stage facilities, coordinate events, and possibly assist with some setup and teardown duties. A fun shift at the very Center of Apogaea.

» Contact Center Camp: centercamp@apogaea.com

Clean Up

Help us Leave No Trace at the end of the event. No special skills are needed, but the ability to encourage people to clean up after themselves is key in this role. Again, since everyone in this role will be working late Sunday and into Monday, you won't find it in the schedule. Please send us an email and let us know when you can help. Volunteering for this crucial position will help with the all-important goal of returning our site to it's original condition.

» Help clean up with DPW: dpw@apogaea.com


This is just like Greeting, but inverted! At the end of the event (Sunday), your task will be to help the weary Apogaean reenter into the default world. As people exit the gate, you will see if they are in a safe driving mindset and alert them to possible scenarios ahead, ask if they have left any important objects or people behind, see that their vehicle is roadworthy, and finally, ask them to fill out a quick survey about their experience while the afterglow is still fresh. This is the perfect opportunity to let Apogaeans know that the fun isn't over -- that this really is a year-long thing. Not many people realize there is an entire community that still exists outside the gate. De-Greeters are encouraged to bring their full game, just as with Greeting. Have fun, help gather info to make Apo even better, make sure people are really ready to leave safely, and you might even get to say goodbye to that sweaty Java programmer in the clown suit you made out with behind the Info Booth on Saturday night!

» Want to Help with De-Greeters? info@apogaea.com

Emergency Services

Interested in volunteering with Fire and Medical? We'd love to have you! Professional experience with Fire and Medical services is important and needed but we also have openings for non-professionals with a good attitude and a desire to learn.

» Sign up: BAMF@apogaea.com


Sometimes you just don't know what's going to come up. This is the role that handles that - you'll be doing whatever is needed just then. That could be filling in for another role that's short-handed, taking care of odd jobs, or three different things over the course of the shift. This job is perfect for you Jack-of-All-Trades types. We'll try to have two people scheduled in this role for each shift between noon and midnight.

» Float On you Crazy Floater: info@apogaea.com


While Greeters are all about the fun factor, volunteers at the gate help us stay on top of important business. Help collect waivers, check IDs, give out wristbands and get attendees on their way to the greeters station! Bring your smile and organizational skills to help make a first impression.

» Help the Gate Crew: gate@apogaea.com

Greening Apogaea

Help us Leave No Trace at the end of the event. No special skills are needed, but the ability to encourage people to clean up after themselves (no Matter Out Of Place) and recycle and compost is key in this role. If you are interested in volunteering to keep Apogaea green, please sign up for a shift with the Green team (Greening). If you can help before the event (still counts as volunteering) or have any special green skills (composting, solar or any alternate energy or restoration or have been an Earth Guardian on the playa) or would like to camp in Recycle Town and be part of amazing recycle based art, contact us!

» Join Greeners! Greeners@apogaea.com


In many ways, this is the most important role to be filled at Apogaea. It's also one of the most fun! Greeting is all about helping new arrivals make the transition from the hassles of their work week and the long drive into that fabulous magical world that brings us together. There's plenty of information to give out at the gate, but the most important part of the role is, well, funkadelic vibe induction! If you think your groove is contagious, we'll need a good-sized reception crew all the way into Sunday. Consider enlisting your campmates to work the same shift as you do - team greeting is a blast!

»We Need Greeters! Send us an email: greeters@apogaea.com

Info Booth

Sit in our shaded Info Booth, answer people's questions, and call on the radio for any needed Ranger or First Aid help. A radio - and answers to many common questions - will be provided. Those  familiar with the event layout and logistics will be most comfortable in this role, but anyone is welcome to take on the role and meet a whole new set of friends. Feel free to have friends join you at the booth.

»Information Booth Needs Your Help: infobooth@apogaea.com


Join the team that brings some festive light to Apogaea as the sun goes down. All of the pagaentry you'd expect, only less solemn and more silly! Shifts will generally be over within one hour. Evening shifts light LED lanterns, morning shifts take down lamps and recharge batteries.

»Be a Part of the Lamplighter Team: info@apogaea.com

Parking Badgers

Help us jam the cars in like sardines, while maximizing the flat space for humans and tents. Benefits: Roam through Apogaea visiting people (and asking them to move their cars), act important, wear orange vests, costume opportunity (sheriff, bad cop, Reno 911, *just* an orange vest, badger badger).

»Send an email to: parkingbadgers@apogaea.com


As usual in Colorado, we have lots of space at this site, but little of it is open and level. If we're going to find comfortable space for everyone, we'll have to use that flat camping space efficiently. That's where the Placement crew comes in - you'll help people who are arriving find a good place to set up, make sure our space is used efficiently, and help park cars so that access isn't restricted. We'll need a crew of patient people with good spatial and communication skills beginning Thursday afternoon and continuing through Saturday night.

»Placement Needs You: Placement@apogaea.com

Trained Rangers

Anyone with a level head and positive spirit can make a large difference in how fun and safe the event is for others -- but, a little bit of preparation can go a long way toward focusing those skills and improving communication in this often-delicate work. The ranger meeting and training session will be required. Expect three to four hours of discussion and role-playing. It's possible that there might be a second training session scheduled. If you can't make it on the date (yet to be posted), but you are interested, please contact us. To stretch the resources of people who put in this kind of investment of time, Trained Rangers will work six-hour shifts between noon and early morning, roaming the site and keeping an eye out for problems. This is your chance to make a truly huge difference in someone's day. Common sense and humor are the best traits to bring to the job.

» Become a Ranger Today: rangers@apogaea.com