Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Photography Lead

Joining Apogaea is a YEAR ROUND SPORT.  The photography lead position isn’t just about showing up and taking pretty photos at the event.  (If that’s what you’re interested in we’d love to have you in a volunteer photographer shift.)

Being photo lead sucks because your main job is to organize and maintain our photo archive on Flickr. That means editing, organizing and uploading nearly a thousand photos of the event taken by your army of volunteer photographers (who you’re also responsible for managing).

There’s also boring shit around Denver and Boulder throughout the year that various Apo departments put on such as leadership retreats, trainings, and the art fair.  When another department puts on a community event, you need to be there to support them and document it.

Since joining Apo is a year round sport you need to commit to checking your email at least once a week, more frequently as the event approaches. Oftentimes other departments or the board will have questions about photography/photo policy and it’s your job to answer it in a timely fashion.

Apo has had issues with privacy/consent in the past, photo lead should be vigilant about striking a balance between protecting the privacy of event participants while also helping using images to share the values of Apogaea with the default world.  At the event the photo lead manages volunteers who help chat-up and educate photographers about consent/privacy.

Apogaea makes extensive use of Creative Commons for licensing intellectual property.  Familiarity with Creative Commons is a plus.

A decent camera and working knowledge of photography and editing techniques and workflow is essential.

If this hasn’t scared you off please email media@apogaea.com with a bit about your background, experience, narrative life story, etc.

>> Please email AMP@apogaea.com with your background, experience, narrative life story, etc.