Info Booth Assistant Lead

The primary job of the Info Booth Lead Assistant is to ensure Info Booth is staffed to provide information (directions, camping, sound policy, Org, volunteers, etc) and connect all APO Volunteers with their various departments.

As the Info Booth Lead Assistant, you will work as a team player throughout the year with the Info Booth Lead on all aspects of preparing and managing the Info Booth during APO. You will need to work with the Volunteer Lead to understand the Volunteer Tracking System that will be used at Apogaea to track no-shows for shifts. You will be responsible for tracking all APO Volunteers and document their attendance during Apogaea.

You will work with four (4) Info Booth Daily Leads and Regular Volunteers to make sure all necessary shifts are covered during the event and communicate gaps to Info Booth Lead. The Info Booth Lead Assistant will need to fill in if Info Booth Daily Leads or Volunteers can’t make a shift.

In addition, the Info Booth Lead Assistant should anticipate to work with Info Booth Lead during APO Work Weekend to set up, decorate and complete the Info Booth with all furnitures and accessories.

The Lead Assistant shall support the Info Booth Lead during Exodus with taking down the Info Booth and packed it all up for next year.
Info Booth

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