Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

ICC Lead

The Internal Communications & Collaborations lead is responsible for working with the various department leads to find, document, and implement tools and processes to improve communications and collaboration. This includes, but is not limited to the wiki, discussion groups/forums, task & date tracking, and contact management solutions. This person will work with each department to find out about their current needs, pain points, look at possible solutions, and on implementing and training org members on solutions.

The Wiki Lead and the ICC Admin & Moderator will report to the ICC Lead.

Can you lead your team to keep our communications flowing at Apogaea? If so, please email us with the following:

  •  A general description of your IT and/or collaboration experience, both professionally and for hobby.
  • Any relevant documents (resume?), links (portfolio), etc. you would like considered.
  • Brilliant answers to these 7 questions:
    1. What technology and platforms do you tend to prefer?
    2. What new technologies are you excited to use? (does not have to be relevant to Apo in any way)
    3. Why do you want to volunteer for this role? (this is the really important one hidden in the middle)
    4. What kind of relevant team leading experiences have you had?
    5. What knowledge or experience would you like to gain from this role?
    6. How have you participated with Apogaea in the past?
    7. How many hours on average per week, about, do you think you can volunteer?

>>Please contact the following address to apply: it@apogaea.com