Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

DPW Manager Of The Day (MOD)

DPW’s Manager of the Day (MOD) will be responsible for maintaining the daily bowel movements and lubing of Apogaea. Yes, we are a laxative! Most of DPW’s work takes place before and after the event. However, there are still some minor duties that need covering during the event. These duties include; maintenance of public structures and roads, working with volunteers, TP/porta potty stocking, fueling generators, fueling gas cans, stocking burn barrels with firewood, lighting fire barrels, (if applicable) hauling gear or equipment for other departments and helping Apogaeans with whatever “fires” may arise. This is a 6 hour shift and a valid driver’s license is required.

>> For further information contact DPW@apogaea.com