Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event


The volunteer position “BAMF ICS Lead” is an Apogaea Ignition position within the BAMF department and benefits being an Ignition Member of Apogaea.


  • Update Apogaea’s ICS Protocol, Emergency Operations Plan and  to meet the current environment surrounding and population of the Apogaea Event for June 2016.
  • Incorporate all Apogaea departments (BAMF, Rangers, DPW, Parking, Gate, Info Booth, Sound, Apo Board)
  • Maintain communication with all department Leads and department liaisons regarding their department’s roles and responsibilities within the ICS Protocol and Emergency Procedures. Encouraging new members to utilize resources and communication channels
  • Provide orientation to Apogaea Board Members, Department Leads, and Apogaea Volunteers about Apogaea’s’ ICS Protocol and Emergency Procedures.  (Written or in person)
  • Provide orientation to all BAMF members.
  • Walk the land that Apogaea has rented for the event and develop a grid map of the area (including entrance, exits, roads) In times of emergencies, this map will be used to improve communications between all Apogaea departments.
  • A large copy of the grid map will be made for the BAMF HQ Office in case of a large incident.
  • Organize 1-2 live practices.
  • Ensure that the wiki is updated with the current Apogaea ICS Protocol, Emergency Procedures and training documentation.

This position is best-suited for someone with previous experience with ICS, emergency services and multi-departmental communication.  To apply, send an email describing your experience and qualifications to missioncontrol@apogaea.com.