Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event
Photo by Gretchen

Photo by Gretchen

Ignition is the team of voting members for Apogaea, and the folks who take the lead on all the different projects and departments that make up the event. Joining Ignition is a great way to get more involved in the future and planning of Apogaea and your way to make sure your voice is represented on the board.

Sparks are similar to Ignition, however they are appointed and released by department leads. While they are not a part of the voting members, they still get a guaranteed discounted ticket for their hard work. Being a Spark is another great way to volunteer your time to the event!

¬ĽOpen Spark Roles

If you are interested in any of these positions, please send an email to the listed contact. Thanks community, for all you do!

Open Ignition Roles