Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

2017 Seed Money Round

The grant application cycle is open  February 28th through March 14th, 2017 for submissions (stay tuned to Art News or sign up for the Apogaea Outpost for more information). Grant recipients will be announced by April 17th, 2017, with the goal of having all funds disbursed and in artists’ hands by that same week.

Applications Closed

Click here for the 2016 Seed Grant Winners

Read more details here to begin preparing your astounding applications for our review. This page includes all FAQs about the creative grant application process as well as the questions you will need to answer in your application.  If you have any additional questions not answered on these pages, please email cats@apogaea.com.

What about my 2016 granted project?

Bring it on!!! We are excited to welcome back all 2016 granted art projects with open arms in 2016. We can’t wait to bask in the glow of your creative juices (we hear they’re especially *moist* this year).

All 2016 granted artists who are returning with their project in 2016 will receive the same benefits of CATS assistance, placement at event, featured description on the website and WWWW, and directed artist tickets that they would have received last year.

A BIG thanks to all the artists who have already confirmed their project will be coming to Apogaea 2017. If you have not yet confirmed, please check your email or give us a shout at cats@apogaea.com for more logistics ASAP!

2016 granted art projects are welcome to apply for a grant to help cover the cost of transportation, propane, and/or repairs. In years past returning projects were handled in their own grant round, but this year we’ll examine those grants in the single round.

Seed Money Round 2015

The GOOD NEWS is we received 46 proposals for mind-blowing art!!  The BAD NEWS is we had requests for almost 1.5 times the amount of money we had to give out and had to make 16 people really, really sad.

We want to say thank you for spending the time to submit an application and that we’re sorry we can’t approve them all!  We hope to have even more money to give as grants next year, so keep those ideas coming!

2015 Seed Money Round Summary

Total Funds Available $16,040.97 106.94%
Total Funds Requested $20,923.48 130.44%
Applications for Review 46
Average Grant Request $454.86
Grants Awarded 30 71.88%
Average Award $469.78

2015 Grant Applications Received

applications received - seed round

2015 Grants Awarded

grants awarded - seed round

2015 Seed Money Round Grants

(In alphabetical order)

Project Name Project Lead Grant
1. Angel Poofers Fawn $580.00
2. Apo Death Race Stevolution $547.25
3. Blingshop Juicy LaBooty $465.00
4. Burger Camp Commissioner Collins $586.72
5. Burnin’ to the Beat Bryan $599.99
6. Camp Conviviality Live Music Stage Dr. John $599.99
7. Camp LonerVille Lilith $147.24
8. Cookies! Popo $70.00
9. Daylight Box Sherpa $296.93
10. Grubstation – the Intergalactic Chuckwagon returns Vally $426.00
11. Hin-Han: Guardian of the Milky Way Caitlin $599.99
12. Just Waiting on Ewe: Eating Ewe Out! (Concessions) Truly Scrumptious $250.00
13. Just Waiting on Ewe: Electric Ewes (Light up sheep lawn      decorations) Truly Scrumptious $180.00
14. Just Waiting on Ewe: Somewhere to Put Ewe’r Butt! (Playatech Seating) Truly Scrumptious $175.00
15. Laserland Glowitarium Rev Jeremy D $477.40
16. Late Nite Price is Right Cory $300.00
17. Robot Resurrection (Repairs) Shane Evans $599.99
18. Robot Resurrection (Transportation) Shane Evans $595.00
19. Screaming J’s Screaming J’s $100.00
20. Sleazy Beaches Jon $594.00
21. Super Animatron JohnSoundwrecker $597.20
22. That Which Is Most Beautiful: The TWIMBY Community Labyrinth Erica $592.00
23. The illumine by the Arty Boys AnDrew $599.99
24. The Octopussy Kitty Kitty Meow Meow $598.81
25. The Speleobox Piper Merriam $599.00
26. The Unusually Large Kaleidoscope Mama Snail $597.00
27. The Vikings of Niceness, aka The Rampaging Horde of Giftlandia Noah Deep $590.00
28. Wardrobe MalFUNKtion KumFort and Transport Jessica $543.99
29. WonderLounge DirtyD $595.00
30. You Are Here Roscoe $590.00


These are all the short descriptions and URLs from the applications. These are in alphabetical order.  

  • Angel Poofers – The angel poofers are the fire and performance aspect that Syzygy just would not be complete without. Like holding a candle to the idea of an effigy set ablaze.  The poofers will be set atop the Effigy’s pedestal in the Syzygy installation. One for each angel to hold as torches/pens. The settings will be the only aspect of Syzygy that is made of metal. See https://www.facebook.com/syzygy2015 for more details.
  • Apo Death Race – This is one race you do NOT want to lose. A race against death. You must speed your Big Wheel down the length of the course, grab a weapon and eliminate your competition before they eliminate YOU. The only way to survive is to WIN! See https://www.facebook.com/groups/apogaea/permalink/10153060048367707/ for more details.
  • Blingshop – If Apogaea has taught me anything over the years, it’s that damn it feels good to be a gangsta. One can never be too hood, so I propose a Blingshop, where those feeling less than swagtastic can get they pimp on by creating their own custom gold chainz. This workshop will be shorty friendly so bring the lil’ playas and y’all be ballin’ by the time you leave this Blingshop. For more details, see https://docs.google.com/a/apogaea.com/file/d/0B13Y7Tayr9WyTW5GMS10UDAyVWc/edit
  • Burger Camp – Burger Camp will be presenting 2 speciality sliders and fresh french fries Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during the day. What could be more wonderful than a fresh slider and french fries up in the mountains – a special treat. We will also be providing live entertainment for your dining pleasure. So, don’t forget to bring your own plate and palate to enjoy our burger sensations! See https://docs.google.com/a/apogaea.com/file/d/0B0Gd8E6gYzT-Y3hzYjF3SlRSSms/edit for more details
  • Burnin’ to the Beat – This project is a pair of Ruben’s tubes (6 and 8 feet), and is a classic physics experiment to visualize sound waves which drive the rise and fall of flames along a perforated gas tube. The gas flow changes as the sound pressure inside the tube changes, rewarding the viewer with fiery sine waves when a tone is played, or complex fiery waveforms of constructive and destructive interference when music is played. In other words, we see the fire dance to the music. See http://img.fae.ro/f91a04.jpeg for more details
  • Camp Conviviality Live Music Stage – We will be presenting live music by an amazing array of performers from early afternoon till 8:00 PM Thursday and Friday, noon-5pm on Saturday. We will be providing a Stage, PA and Monitors, Mics, Stage Lighting and a club atmosphere. We are providing musicians with a camp and meals in return for their participation as solo artists, bands and jams.  We will host an official Happy Hour event on Friday with food and drink. See http://www.facebook.com/groups/1567427290198651/ for more details.
  • Camp LonerVille – Camp LonerVille is the physical manifestation of an audio project that strives to express: being alone is a shared experience and unconditional love for other simply because they exist.  At the end of the trail, a beautician’s chair wrapped in warm white lights will sit. There will be headphones attached to the inside of the bulby hair drying extension with a cd player securely attached to the right arm of the chair. With a click of the play button on the CD player, the sound of someone’s soothing voice will surround you with words of affirmation and love.  There are people on this earth who don’t know you who appreciate and care about you as an individual. Apogaea is a space for many curious wanderers who deserve a reminder that they are unconditionally loved. See https://docs.google.com/a/apogaea.com/file/d/0B0Gd8E6gYzT-el9RQVctNzY5T28/edit for more details.
  • Daylight Box – Daylight Box is a nighttime chill space. Imagine walking down the road at Apogaea at night, you spot a thick cluster of light ahead of you. As you approach, you see that it is an enclosed structure, draped with more Christmas lights than you could ever imagine being in a single place! You look inside past the first luminous strands at the entrance to see a comfy lounge area with a carpeted floor and plush pillows arrayed under a stunning canopy of LED lights, twinkling and blinking invitingly. Walking inside, your eyes adjust and the outside world disappears; you can see your companions clear as daylight under the blaze. Looking over you see a pair of fireworks glasses nearby, you put them on; the lights come alive in a mesmerizing dance, leaping and exploding in front of you. You’re riveted, comfortable, safe. This is a place to rest, to breathe in and out with the rippling of the twinkling lights that surround you. For a while you lose yourself in the therapeutic rhythm of the lights and the soft comfort of the pillows, taking time to reflect or enjoy the wide space of your mind, which in this hypnotic space has quieted for a moment. When it’s time for the next adventure, you two get up and walk out the way you came in and enjoy the rest of your night refreshed. See http://www.daylightbox.com for more details.
  • Grubstation – the Intergalactic Chuckwagon returns – After a year under windy blue skies, billowing bbq smoke and blowing snow, the tarp resembled a giant hula skirt waving into the sunset. Underneath though the intergalactic chuckwagon is rearing to get back to the mountains and return as Grubstation ~ we’re gonna cook up grub daily! All the silly and always interactive times (show hate camp how to hate u-huh) we had last year as the time travelers convention, showed the most important thing is having others participate in our schemes. See http://www.facebook.com/TheIntergalacticChuckwagon for more details.
  • Hin-Han: Guardian of the Milky Way – This large scale propane burning owl sculpture called Hin-Han will be included in the Animal Farm art installation to guard the gate of our garden of spirit animals and dark, otherworldly creatures and performances. Hin-Han is a stoic and ageless spirit whose dark and looming presences will signify the impending chaos held within Animal Farm’s gates.  According to ancient Sioux folklore, the owl is depicted as an ominous figure whose appearance indicates imminent death. The owl, according to these Northwestern plains people, was believed to call out the names those who are destined to meet their own demise. Once a soul has passed he must meet Hin-Han, the guardian of the Milky Way and the gate keeper of the spirit world. If the soul fails to pass the old owl’s inspection because he does not have the tattoo of his tribe, he is thrown into the bottomless abyss. Hin-Han, though he may seem like like a breathtaking and welcoming character, will carry this more sinister meaning in our cast of discordian creatures. See https://www.facebook.com/HinHanOwl for more details
  • Just Waiting on Ewe: Eating Ewe Out! (Concessions) – Just Waiting on Ewe movie camp has shown everything from cult favorites to “What the hell did I just watch?!?” from dark-ish to dead-ish for the last 4 years. We show a diverse selection of movies that will cater to a significant portion of Apogaea’s event population.  These grant funds will be used to provide popcorn and candy. Serving tasty treats goes hand and hand with movies and would help make our theater ultra realistic. It is also nice to have a snack when you’re wandering around late at night. See https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=269410213190816 for more details.
  • Just Waiting on Ewe: Electric Ewes (Light up sheep lawn decorations) – Just Waiting on Ewe movie camp has shown everything from cult favorites to “What the hell did I just watch?!?” from dark-ish to dead-ish for the last 4 years. We show a diverse selection of movies that will cater to a significant portion of Apogaea’s event population.  These funds will be use to build 3 sheep that will be lit up at night to welcome people into the theater area. The sheep will live in a 30′ x 5′ fenced in pen in front of our camp. Participants will be encouraged to have fun with the sheep in a responsible manner. See https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=269410213190816 for more details.
  • Just Waiting on Ewe: Somewhere to Put Ewe’r Butt! (Playatech Seating) – Just Waiting on Ewe movie camp has shown everything from cult favorites to “What the hell did I just watch?!?” from dark-ish to dead-ish for the last 4 years. We show a diverse selection of movies that will cater to a significant portion of Apogaea’s event population.  These grant funds will be used to create additional seating for the theater. We would like to build a minimum of two seats. See https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=269410213190816 for more details.
  • Laserland Glowitarium – There are lights, there are stars…….but what if you could control the positions of the stars in the “sky” above you? Look for the Laserland Glowitarium somewhere out there amongst the trees on your nightly journey and let us put the power of creation in your hands.  We will have random laser shows sometime between 8pm and 10pm, and will be viewable in front of the theaters. Viewers will not be allowed inside the theaters while the laser shows are happening. During the day, we may just have a random tea party or 5, served right beside our bacon and dab bar. We do not currently have a time or a schedule for these tea parties just yet, but rest assured, you’ll wanna eat the cake.At night: ‘The Midnight Game Show at 2am’ – Thursday night/Friday morning at 1am. Contestants will compete for fun and prizes.The Stoner Happy Hour Funtime Scavenger Hunt – Tentatively planned for Saturday afternoon from 2:00-4:20pm. There will be 25 Golden Tickets will be gifted at random throughout Apogaea and some can be won at ‘The Midnight Game Show at 2am’. 25 people will make 10 stops to collect 10 special Apo trinkets. There will be special bonus prizes too, but they are a secret….shhhh……….

See https://www.facebook.com/laserlandglowitarium for more details

  • Late Nite Price is Right – Get off on our fabulous prizes as we bring much needed consumerist exuberance to Apogaea! Building upon Bob Barker’s long obsession with genitalia, we will adapt game show challenges to adult themes, pushing community participants to leave their comfort zones behind. More information coming soon.
  • Robot Resurrection (Repairs) – Robot Resurrection is towering 30 foot tall, human piloted, articulating sculpture made from 95% airplane parts. From the torso cockpit, the operator(s) manipulate the Robot’s motions and fire effects. The arms and head articulate like you would expect of a giant Robot. Lighting and laser effects are built into the piece for an integrated performance like no other, on a scale that few people have ever experienced.  These funds will be used for repairs to the Robot including: polishing metal, repainting places where paint has chipped off or painting things that are beginning to rust, replacing lights that have burned out etc., replacing missing bolts, straightening steel and aluminum that have been bent and dented, replacing motors, and tightening chains. The technical repairs mostly address issues of fire effects, such as re-wiring and replacing ignitors. See https://www.facebook.com/RobotResurrection for more details
  • Robot Resurrection (Transportation) – Robot Resurrection is towering 30 foot tall, human piloted, articulating sculpture made from 95% airplane parts. From the torso cockpit, the operator(s) manipulate the Robot’s motions and fire effects. The arms and head articulate like you would expect of a giant Robot. Lighting and laser effects are built into the piece for an integrated performance like no other, on a scale that few people have ever experienced.  These grant funds will be used for transporting the Robot to Apogaea, and supporting it’s operation on-site. The truck doubles as the resurrector for the Robot, with the boom and winch mounted directly to them and then removed. Both pieces of equipment are integral parts of the Robot and need some repairs. In order to operate the Robot at Apogaea we need gas and propane. See https://www.facebook.com/RobotResurrection for more details.
  • Screaming J’s – Put on your dancing shoes, Apogaea! We’re joining forces with Camp Conviviality and the Shangri La La Lounge and we’re on a mission to bring you as much boogie as you can handle!  The Screaming Js are a good-for-the-soul boogie woogie piano band out of Asheville. We are a 3-piece acoustic band – upright piano, string bass and percussion – and are very adaptable in terms of location and volume. We travel with a collapsible stage set – backdrop, proscenium and LED lighting. We plan on playing most (if not all) days and/or nights at Camp Conviviality & the Shangri La La Lounge, and wherever else spontaneous opportunity offers. We hope to perform a show at Center Camp. See http://www.screamingjs.com/ for more details.
  • Sleazy Beaches – It’s the middle of summer, and even though you’re a mile high, livin’ the mountain life, you deserve to go to the beach. When arrive, you deserve to be handed a premium fresh fruit blended island cocktail, and given a place to relax and enjoy the beach vibes and killer tunes.  Here at Sleazy Beaches, this is exactly what to expect. From afar, before you even hear the sounds of the beach, you will be able to tell if the bar is open, and what color of Sleazy beverages are being whipped up by one of our cool butt bartenders.  But we’re more than just a bar and sound camp, we create an opportunity for connections, in an oasis away from the chaos. A comfortable place to relax and lounge, to chat with the people around you and of course, to dance.  Interactivity is really what we strive for, with plans for hammocks, picnic tables, “the pool” which will be a mega cargo net with the illusion of water and pool toys on top and a led 10 ft tall sleazy drink which will show the color of our drinks for the day from afar. See http://www.sleazybeaches.com for more details
  • Super Animatron – Super Animatron is a computer controlled array of individually addressable cells of color changing LED light. Using a custom host PC application to design and play animations, SA sends animation data at 60 frames per second to a series of Arduino UNO embedded microcontrollers, which then generate 12-bit dimming data for each individual LED. Additionally SA uses a microphone and digital signal processing algorithms to allow sound to interact with and influence the animations in real-time. See https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lWBjuDhLB3JUemoKAZ3JqqGzwA85nX0lXiZ4I4BS7Pc/edit for more details.
  • That Which Is Most Beautiful: The TWIMBY Community Labyrinth – That Which Is Most Beautiful: The TWIMBY Community Labyrinth is a hand-painted, 3-turn labyrinth with 7-foot-high cloth walls made of 70 unique blacklight-reactive paintings created by Apogaeans and our friends. A sign above the entrance entices and intrigues you with the words, “THAT WHICH IS MOST BEAUTIFUL.” This “walk in beauty” is inspired by the Diné people’s belief that we create the world around us, and if we walk with beauty in our hearts and minds, the world will be a more beautiful place. As you walk the three long turns of the labyrinth, bathing in the high-vibrational flourescent atmosphere, you read self-and-community-affirming messages from indigenous healers and spiritual visionaries from around the world. Accompanying you is an ambient soundscape of evocative global grooves, multilingual blessings and samplings from our community musicians. The TWIMBY Community Labyrinth is a radiant, loving mirror of our hearts’ intelligence and those experiential states that have the power to transform and elevate our relationships with self and others, such as empathy, trust, compassion, equanimity, acceptance and love. It’s a welcoming space for not only meditation and reflection, but also music-making, dancing, and creative perambulating with your companions. It’s created to be loved for all that we are…with all that we are. See http://bit.ly/1wk3bWp for more details.
  • The illumine by the Arty Boys – Our project is titled “illumine” which means to “light up.” This is a simple explanation for what it does. We are creating a set of lights that can be suspended over a dark walkway or trail. The illumine will detect a persons motion and light up with moving patterns that spin and invoke the illusion of water or flames. Depending on our fundraising efforts we hope to construct at least 2 (but hopefully more) to illuminate an otherwise dark part of Apogaea.  See https://www.facebook.com/ArtyBoys for more details.
  • The Octopussy The Octopussy is a medium size stationary mutant vehicle that will explore the depths of time and space. A radically internally illuminated octopus/cat hybrid creature, the Octopussy, is perched on top of a Geo Metro that has been decorated to appear as a rock in the interstellar ocean. The Octopussy has ears and nose like a cat, and eyes and tentacles like an octopus. The entire structure is covered in white projection grade spandex and internally illuminated by strips of multicolor LEDs connected to a sound reactive controller. This gives the Octopussy the ability to change color and pattern on the fly, much like her octopus brethren. Lighting up the night sky, she will bring joy and wonder to all who lay eyes upon her. In addition, this underwater lounge will have interior blue rope lighting and large plush seating (3-6 people, depending on how snuggly they want to get) and comes complete with a treasure chest! See  https://www.facebook.com/tentaclesforall for more details.
  • The Speleobox – The SpeleoBox is a cave simulator. It is an 8 foot wooden cube with and entrance and an exit. Between is 120 feet of twisting turning linear passageway. Participants crawl in through the entrance and work their way through to the exit. In between they will encounter turns and twists that they need to squeeze and squirm through. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NUTrFeISsY for more details.
  • The Unusually Large Kaleidoscope – Do you remember looking into a kaleidoscope as a kid, the way that the magic of refraction turned simple translucent shapes into complex tessellated patterns of awesomeness?! Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you the Unusually Large Kaleidoscope, a simple yet giant machine built on the same principles but in an epic scale. Whereas the kaleidoscope of the old days was a solitary toy, we have designed this Unusually Large one to be played with cooperatively. While multiple people can peer into the Unusually Large Peephole at the same time, still other participants control the spinning end of the Kaleidoscope; interactive fun for everyone! See https://docs.google.com/a/apogaea.com/file/d/0B1HVHPkEagvITmt1VHUtVHJ5djg/edit for more details.
  • The Vikings of Niceness, aka The Rampaging Horde of Giftlandia – The Vikings of Niceness, aka The Rampaging Hordes of Giftlandia, is a large-group performance art piece. The purpose of this art piece is to contrast the unsettling feeling of seeing a large, intimidating group of people, screaming bloody-murder, threatening to overrun your camp, event, or village with the silly fun that results when the victims of the Rampage find the Vikings giving the people in said area food, drinks and gifts, cleaning up moop, and then leaving with as much bellowing and ferocity as when they arrived.  See http://www.facebook.com/vikingsofniceness for more details. The recipient declined the grant and the funds were not disbursed.
  • Wardrobe MalFUNKtion KumFort and Transport – This will be Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion’s 5th year of costuming Apogaea!! Our camp members are hard at work raising funds to replace/improve several key part of our infrastructure, including new staging, signage, safety measures, and of course, purchasing costumes and supplies! We are asking CATS to help with these specific costs for Apogaea 2015: New and Improved KumFort Station structure with signage and lighting, Gas money for camp transport to and from the festival, and Trailer rental to bring all the costumes and camp infrastructure to Apo. See https://www.facebook.com/CampWardrobeMalfunktion for more details.
  • WonderLounge – WonderLounge will bring you a very burner twisted Wonderland (i.e. Alice in…). We intend to titillate you and fuck with all of your senses (in the most pleasant of ways, of course).  Enter through the Looking Glass (i.e. a giant ornate frame) and you’ll immediately find yourself “down” the Rabbit Hole. When you emerge, you’ll find yourself in Wonderland where you may play flamingo croquet on our 24-hour LED lit course. When the Mad Hatter’s Bar is open, receive a cup of tea (dependent on the event, adult beverages or actual tea, including herbal). As you glance about, notice our fancifully and colorfully decorated house where Alice grows and you too can simulate growing too large. See  https://www.facebook.com/groups/WonderLounge/ for more details.
  • You Are Here – You Are Here is a 3 dimensional sign, spelling out those words. The words will be topped by a downward pointing arrow as you might see on a map. It serves as a sculptural spectacle; it emanates changing, glowing, strobing, colorful light at night. It also serves as a reference point and landmark. We hope that our sign may serve as a place to meet up with friends, or something to guide participants toward in the dark nights.  Our sign will orient Apogaea participants in space, time, and appreciation. We hope that our sign will serve both as a landmark in physical space, and also as a reminder of how important it is to appreciate the present moment. See https://docs.google.com/a/apogaea.com/file/d/0B0Gd8E6gYzT-VFlpOFVyeDhTcDA/edit for more details.