The Biggest Announcement of 2016… Land Decision and Event Dates!

Photo by John Wilcox

Photo by John Wilcox

Dearest Apogaeans,

We know you have been waiting with bated breath, on the edge of your seats, drooling for some big announcements that you can really sink your teeth into. And since we love you *ALL* and this amazing community so much, we have been working overtime during this already-busy holiday season to make big progress. And finally, it’s 2016, the year of Apogaea’s rebirth! Here’s some BIG news as a Happy New Year present to us all <drumroll please>…

We have a land decision!!!

That’s right, after carefully considering many different options, we have selected the land on which we intend to hold Apogaea 2016!! It is an amazing parcel in Valdez, Colorado near Trinidad, just over 3 hours from Denver. Here’s what we can tell you about it right off the bat:

  • First and foremost, it is the best choice for Emergency Services. Safety third is funny and all, but this is a major advantage. Being close to a hospital, having ingress and egress roads, and having a helipad means that if, god forbid, something happens and there is a major injury, the chance for quick treatment is *much* higher. We like this.
  • The land is beautiful – it is located in a picturesque combination of meadows, rolling hills, and trees. It’s got that Apogaea flavor.
  • It is located at approximately 6,500 feet, much lower than previous locations, so the weather should be amazing this time of year! (*read on for that wink wink*) It should be more temperate, with warmer nights at least and maybe cooler days!
  • Valdez is a tiny town with a population of 37, they seem like they will be happy to have our traffic for last-minute ice stops, and we will likely be patronizing local businesses in other ways. Win-win-win! (the third win is you!)

Now, we want you to know that it is *SO* important to us to not have a repeat of last year. We are doing everything we can to get this land locked in, permitted, and contracted as soon as possible. More on that later. But we also want you to know we are simultaneously taking steps to secure two more possible venues, plans “B” and “C” if you will. In time, we will be saying more about these other options as well. But please do be aware that we are not putting all our eggs in one basket, and we are fully dedicated to giving you the very best Apogaea 2016 possible!!

Now that we have selected the land near Trinidad, a lot of things can really get rolling, for instance, budgets, ticket pricing, population cap, etc. And more importantly, our kickass volunteer departments can start getting to work building your fantastic event! On that note, we still have open Ignition lead and other volunteer roles, click on “Get Involved” on our website to find out more about that. 🙂

And before you go, we do have *one more thing* that we are stoked to announce:

The dates for Apogaea 2016 have been chosen!

This year, as historically, it will be on the second weekend of June. Gates will open at noon on Thursday, June 9th, and the event will end at noon on Sunday, June 12. This is one day shorter than last year, to ease the heavy burden on many of our departments and volunteers. There will be a work weekend as usual, as well as an early entry day for Ignition volunteers, granted artists, and registered theme camps. There will also be an extra exodus day for the major infrastructure items to be packed out and the land to be combed over. It’s important that we LEAVE NO TRACE!! More info will be released in the coming weeks and months, but hooray! You can finally pencil it into your calendar and start making plans!

Well, that’s about all I can think of at the moment. We hope this gives you fantastic humans (and unicorns, narwhals, etc…) something to cheer about in this new year! It’s a new Apogaea, too! 2016, BABY!

Won’t you help us make it the best yet?

Much love,
Michael “Luki” Blank, on behalf of your Apogaea Board of Directors


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  1. Johnny One

    So psyched for this! Thank you for all your hard work on the search, and the decision, and the announcement!

    A couple practical things: Any idea when tix will go on sale, and,
    Would love to hear about what amenities Valdez and nearby towns might have (grocery stores, restaurants/cafes, gas stations, etc.). I know Trinidad has stuff, but it’d be cooler to support the real locals.

  2. Lona Lang

    Yes! This is a completely volunteer-run event. For details on how to get involved, please see the following page. Thanks!
    Very happy to see the positive support. The land sounds AMAZING!! <3

  3. Kevin

    For those curious about amenties: Valdez used to have a gas station with the Purgatoire Grill, but both are now closed. Maybe half a mile upstream is Ringo’s grocery (small and rural, very basic) with gas available across the street and a bar. I think there’s a liquor store near there. That’s basically all there is between Trinidad and Weston or Stonewall (and there’s not much up there aside from some lodging, a restaurant, limited groceries/liquor, and a lot of gorgeous land and sky. If you don’t pack everything from home, Trinidad has a coop (limited hours), Safeway, and if necessary, Walmart, as well as restaurants, liquor stores and dispensaries. Big R off the first exit coming from the north has camping stuff. Hope for plenty of spring rain and be careful with flames – fire danger here can be serious. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  4. Glenn

    We are the owner of the property and after several meetings and phone calls as well as soul searching we feel comfortable allowing this event. Not very many people have set foot on our land but we feel that you will enjoy what we have enjoyed for over 5 generations. We ask to you support our businesses from Trinidad west and surrounding areas and you will discover what we already know we are the best kept secret in Colorado. My nephew opened the first dispensary in Trinidad next to Big R first exit coming from the north. Please shop there at Trinidad Higher Calling U I’m sure he will be involved. Welcome to Gods Country.

  5. Glenn

    Forgot to give a shout out to Jay Lee personal friend of the family and from here this would not be taking place without him calling me. Ciao

  6. Mark AKA Flamingo

    Can’t wait! Looking forward to working the gate again this year! So long Park County!!!!

  7. Ruth

    Glenn, thank you and your family for opening up your precious land! From one Colorado Native to another!

  8. Torch

    Hey Apo,
    Torch here. I own two homes in Trinidad so I am just tickled y’all are coming down to play. There is a huge lake on HWY 12 just a few min from Valdez if you want to extend your stay you should book a camp spot early with the National Parks- Trinidad Lake, or if you want to play in the water for a day it is $7 for a day pass. All the businesses in town would be thrilled with the business but I suggest trying to avoid Wal-Mart out on I-25 as they are not hurting for cash. Other options are Safeway for food, Big R has some camping stuff, there is a pharmacy on Main st…. You can eat at the pizza place, grab a burger at Bob and Earls, or the diner… It is a charming town with great victorian houses, red brick streets a few nice cafes like What a Grind, and The Cafe… Wheeee!

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