Sound Policies and You


What is Sound?

There are different types and sizes of sound camps at Apogaea:

Sound camps are intended to generate an environment for dancing. Having a Sound Camp would mean that you are running a generator to power speakers. This year there will be five possible types of sound camps. Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large and Arena Class.

Background Sound is intended to help create a mood or ambiance they would be a part of an art installation or a Small sound camp.

Even if your focus is to have anything larger than small scale sound, we encourage you to create a theme around your music.  By creating a themed environment you greatly enhance the experience of the community and ensure that your camp is well-attended.

Please be aware there is limited space for large scale sound camps at the event site.  We encourage DJs to work together to consolidate their efforts so everyone can participate.

Mandatory Sound Camp Placement Meeting

When – 7:00 on March 19th (after the Board Meeting)
Where – Fusion Factory, 3563 Walnut St, Denver 80205

Do I need to register my Sound?

Yes!  IF YOU ARE BRINGING A SOUND SYSTEM THAT REQUIRES A GENERATOR, YOU MUST CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.  Please note that there is a limited capacity for sound systems at the event.  Even if you pre-register to bring sound, you may not be selected to participate.  However, we ask all approved large scale sounds camps to accommodate other DJs so will make our best effort to ensure that all DJs have access to a sound system during the event.

 “Guaranteed Map / Placement Registration” will open closer to the date of the event – Sound Camps do not get allocated space and do not get labeled on the map if not registered by the deadline

Are there special requirements for Sound?

The registration form will walk you through all of the things you need to consider for Sound.  Please see the Official Apogaea Sound Policy as an example of what to expect.

Renegade Sound: If you do not pre-register sound that requires a generator, you will not be allowed to bring your sound system in.  We have very limited space at Apogaea this year so we will not have the flexibility to allow Renegade Sound this year.

Apogaea 2016 Sound Policy(subject to change in future)

The sound policy for Apogaea is intended to create a balance between the town of Valdez, CO, Apogaea, and the patrons inside the festival. With the knowledge that some patrons would like to sleep at night and others want to listen and dance all night, it is up to the community to create a sound policy together so we can achieve a harmonious event.


CLICK HERE To Download The Apogaea 2017 Sound Camp Agreement!


Sound Classifications

If you are unclear about the classification of your sound camp please contact Sound Placement Liaison or write an e-mail to [email protected]. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Megaphones and Mutant Vehicles

All attendees will observe and respect the Quiet Hours from 4am to 10am. You will only get one warning. Repeated disrespect of other participants through excessive sound levels or failure to observe quiet hours or requests of the sound liaisons can result in expulsion of you or your Mutant Vehicle from the event.


When powering your camp please be considerate of your neighbors and follow Apogaea’s policy on generators. If your generator is making noise past the decibel limit in your area you will be required to re-enforce your baffle, move or shut off your generator all together. Please plan accordingly!

Camping Sound

Sound should not be audible outside of camp sites’ perimeters. The system would consist of a few small powered speakers like an iPod dock. No subwoofers or DJ monitors are in this category. If the sound can be heard outside your camp there will be a need to regulate it.

Small Sound

Any sound camp consisting of one or two DJ monitors. Usually intended for background music or atmosphere.

Medium Sound

Any sound camp consisting of two DJ monitors, with two tops (loudspeakers) with one or two single driver subs.

Large Sound

Any sound camp consisting of two to four loudspeakers and one or two pairs of subwoofers only.

Sound Levels and Enforcement

Quiet hours will be from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. You will be allowed to play music in your camp. However, if you can hear what you are playing outside of your camp it is too loud. If you are disturbing your adjacent camp and a member of the sound team has to come and tell you about how you are being too loud, you will only get ONE warning. The next time that the sound team has to approach your camp you will have to shut down your system and will be asked to leave the event. Every sound camp will be required to volunteer for a sound enforcement shift.

Upon Arrival

When you show up to the event you will need to check in with placement at the gate. They will contact your sound placement lead and they will help find your camp and make sure that your speakers are pointed in the appropriate direction.

Upon Departure

On Sunday all sound systems and speakers will be shut off no later than noon. Only acoustical instruments will be allowed after noon on Sunday. By Sunday afternoon everyone should be packing up their camps and projects, getting ready to leave or leaving the event.


Medium and large sound camps are a central part of Apogaea’s Emergency Broadcast System. In the event of an emergency or evacuation, we will need you to help us notify participants that an emergency has arisen and broadcast the instructions from the BAMF emergency team. For this reason, medium and large sound camps must bring a working microphone to make emergency announcements.

Rogue Sound and Last Minute Sound Camps

Due to the expanded population capacity and limited space available the event cannot accept any rogue or last minute sound camps. If you have not registered for sound or a sound camp you will not have sound at Apogaea.